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Auto Detailing Secrets Revealed

Auto Detailing Secrets Revealed

Auto Detailing Secrets Revealed

Keep your vehicle looking like new with these auto detailing secrets and tips from the professionals who know best.

For many people, car wash detailing is a passion. For others, they simply like to drive a clean car. Either way, taking pride in your car is not just about keeping up appearances. Regular car care also helps to maintain or even boost its resale value.

This doesn’t mean you have to reach for the polish each time you see a smudge on your paintwork. But you can raise your car wash game with a few auto detailing secrets from the pros. Discover how to keep your ride looking clean and shiny.

Auto Detailing Secrets You Need to Know

Before you begin your detail car wash, it’s a good idea to have all your detailing tools within reach for convenience. Auto detailing toolboxes or carts provide neat storage solutions for all your tools and accessories. Once you’re organized like a pro, you’re ready to learn the tricks of the trade.

Compressed Air for Spotlessly Clean Car Interiors

Sometimes even the best car vacuum cleaners need a little extra help. Say goodbye to dust, crumbs and any other debris that somehow manages to get into the nooks and crannies of your car interior. Professional detailers don’t mess about with fiddly brushes and dusters for car interior detailing. They reach for their air compressor to ensure a professional clean.  

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on this piece of equipment for car wash detailing. Look out for a small air compressor with a blow gun. It directs pressurized air at door jambs, grooves in seat upholstery, the dashboard, center console, door panels and any other hard-to-reach places. The end result is an impressively clean car interior.

The Secret to Removing Stains from Car Upholstery and Carpets

Steam also makes it onto the list of auto detailing secrets. Ask the professional detailers at DetailXPerts. They’ll tell you that steam is the perfect choice for upholstery cleaning. It is excellent when it comes to removing stubborn stains from your car seats and carpets. Furthermore, steam is suitable for different upholstery materials including high-end leather. As an added benefit, steam will sanitize your car seats as well as removing those nasty stains.

However, not everyone has a steam cleaner in their auto detailing tool kit. Therefore, you might want to call in the professionals. Add steam car wash to your online search when you want to find a “professional detailer near me”.

Color Code Auto Detailing Cloths

There is a secret color code to auto detailing cloths. Detail car wash professionals are meticulous when it comes to protecting the paintwork of your car. Their auto detailing secrets? They will use different-colored cloths for cleaning different parts of the interior and exterior. This helps to avoid cross-contamination. You don’t want grit from your wheels ending up on your paintwork or your dashboard. You can also color code your buckets, see below.

Two-Bucket Method to Isolate Dirt

Another favorite trick of the professional detailers is to use two buckets when they wash and clean the car exterior. Use one bucket for washing with your soap solution. The other bucket is for rinsing only. Isolating the dirt in one bucket helps to minimize the risk of swirls and scratches on your paintwork. Go for different colored buckets to avoid any mix-up.

Alternatively, other detailing professionals will only recommend that you steam clean your car exterior to avoid marking the paintwork. Again, if you search for a “professional detailer near me” you might find someone who specializes in steam cleaning. For example, DetailXPerts uses steam cleaning technology to break down the toughest dirt on car exteriors. It does this without damaging the paint or brightwork.

Premium Microfiber Cloths for Superior Results

The professional auto detailers are very particular about their cloths and towels. An old bathroom towel or T-shirt won’t do. This is because they want the best results. Microfiber towels grab the grime and water to ensure a safe and efficient job. Microfiber cloths vary and have different uses:

Another tip is to wash your microfiber cloths in cool water only. This will help to protect the microfibers. Washing in very hot water risk risks melting the fibers. Similarly, don’t dry them at a high temperature in your tumble dryer. One last thing, remember to wash them separately from other fabrics to prevent the cloths from picking up lint.

How the Professional Detailers Protect Car Paintwork

What about auto detailing secrets for washing the car exterior? Put down the dishwashing liquid you use for your dirty plates and pans. It is great for cutting through grease on your dishes. However, its degreasing properties can start to break down wax or paint sealants. Instead, look for a pH-neutral cleaning product. Better still, use a steam cleaner and eco-friendly car wash soap to ensure the safest and most effective clean. See below.

The Trick Is to Use Eco-Friendly Products

When it comes to the top 5 professional cleaning products, eco-friendly car wash products get the thumbs up from the experts at DetailXPerts. Organic car shampoos are biodegradable and contain non-toxic formulas that efficiently break down even the most stubborn contaminants on a dirty car.

Green car cleaning products are kinder to your car and are much better for the environment. They smell great, too. Some green cleaning products contain natural essential oils. This is highly preferable to chemical-based car foams and shampoos. Furthermore, when you are working in the closed environment of your car interior, fresh-smelling, natural products are much safer than inhaling the strong, toxic fumes from chemical-based soaps.

Avoid Detailing in Direct Sunlight

When the sun’s out it feels like the perfect time for car wash. However, professional auto detailers will advise against washing your vehicle in direct sunlight. Water quickly dries in direct sunlight, creating unsightly water spots. Set your alarm and start cleaning your car before the sun is at its brightest. Alternatively, do your auto detailing in the shade or later in the afternoon/evening when the temperatures are cooler.

Note, it is also inadvisable to wash your car when it is hot, whether having been parked in the sun or driven on a journey. Let it cool down first to avoid streaks on the paintwork.

Use Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner

It is tempting to use household cleaners for car wash detailing. After all, they are readily available. However, this isn’t something the professionals recommend. For instance, be careful which glass cleaner you use. Always use a dedicated car glass cleaner that is ammonia free otherwise you risk spoiling the tint on your car windows.

Take Care of Your Detailing Tools

Make sure you clean your detailing brushes after each job. Use an all-purpose cleaner to get rid of the grit and general muck that catches in the bristles of brushes or cloth fibers. This is good preparation for your next detail car wash. It also prevents transferring old dirt to your vehicle.


You can get the most out of cleaning your car with a little help from the experts. Their tried-and-tested auto detailing secrets will ensure that you clean your vehicle efficiently and safely. Steam cleaning techniques, green products, recommended tools and high-quality cleaning cloths and towels are going to transform your auto detailing efforts considerably.

However, if you need car wash detailing but are short on time or inclination, we’re here to help you find a “professional detailer near me”. Simply schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts today. Our professional auto detailers will clean the exterior and interior of your vehicle to the highest standards using green steam technology.

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