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Car Wash Consignment – What Works?

Car Wash Consignment - What Works?

Car Wash Consignment – What Works?

Car wash tools and equipment can not last forever no matter how much you take care of them. Daily exposure to water, frequent use, mishandling and harsh chemicals can wreak havoc to the sturdiest and most efficient equipment. Buying new ones may not be a very good option especially for start-ups who have only recently invested a huge amount of capital. In a case like this, a car wash consignment website may provide you with more choices at low prices or better deals.

What You Should Look For In Car Wash Consignment Websites

We at DetailXPerts have done business with several car wash consignment websites. Some provided us with good services and quality products while others either lacked the items we were looking for or did not meet with the standards we have set. Below are some of the qualities that you should consider when looking for car wash consignment websites.

1. Honesty

As the old saying goes, “Honesty is the best policy,” and it still is, no matter how far we have gone with our modern technology. Read reviews about the website of your choice. Are they known for standing behind their products? Do they make false claims? Ask previous customers or other car wash owners through forums to get a better idea of your chosen item.

2. Promptness

Good car wash consignment websites should reply to your inquiries and process your orders immediately. They should also update their websites frequently – upload new photos or remove information about sold out items so as not to confuse the customers.

3. Quality

They should also ensure that the equipment they are selling are in good working condition and should have all the necessary components. For example, does their mobile car care and detailing equipment work as it should with all parts intact?

4. Economy

Of course, the primary purpose of buying from car wash consignment websites is to save a lot of cash. Do not, however, compromise quality just for the sake of getting something that you think is a good bargain.

Our Recommended Websites

Here are some of the car wash consignment websites we recommend:

Car Wash Consignment

Car Wash Consignment offers a huge variety of new and used car wash systems, equipment, replacement parts, accessories, chemicals and even vending machines which you can use for any size and type of car wash. It has a neat looking, easy to navigate website that loads quickly. Kevin, the owner, answers to our emails as promptly as he can and gives us good deals for the items that we need. The website, however, needs to be updated more frequently. Some items are still listed even though they have been sold out some time ago.

IQS Directory Industrial Quick Search

You can use IQS Directory to search for different types of industrial equipment as provided by various companies all over the country. It is easy to navigate. All you have to do is key in your desired product and out comes a list of companies that you can choose from. Each company in the list has two tabs – one for viewing the company’s profile while the other is for requesting a quote. It is a good place to research for equipment and to do some business with.

Terry’s Car Wash

Besides offering car wash services and selling cleaning products, this website also has a consignment section. Interestingly enough, it invites anyone to list their used equipment for free. Terry’s Car Wash acts as the connecting point between sellers and buyers of used car wash equipment.

Car Wash Consignment, IQS and Terry’s Car Wash are only some of the websites where you can find previously owned car wash tools and equipment at low prices. Of course, you can always  search for a website that you want or will cater to all of your needs.

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