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Inside the Mind of a Franchise Business Owner

Why a Clean Community Matters

Inside the Mind of a Franchise Business Owner

Franchise business owner Angela Williams is the President and Co-Founder of DetailXPerts, a green mobile cleaning company and proven franchise system. And she’s happy to share her thoughts on franchising and her passion for helping other entrepreneurs pursue business ownership.

Angela chatted with John Henning, host of the Franchise Radio Show podcast. John is passionate about franchising and entrepreneurship. And he regularly welcomes franchisors and franchisees onto his show to talk about their drive to succeed in business. Here are some interview highlights when John met Angela on air.

Thoughts from a Franchise Business Owner

Angela has over 30 years of business experience. She has worked in accounting, information technology, marketing and more. Her skills, knowledge, traits, and strong work ethic make her an ideal franchise business owner.

In 2008, she and her husband, Emmanuel, decided that their hard-to-beat franchise business investment would enable them to expand their business. Now they have 90 franchise units worldwide. Today, Angela shares her unique perspective as a franchise business owner and what it takes to succeed in a competitive market.

Cleaning a Car with 1 Bottle of Water

A franchise business owner thinks outside the box. They seek opportunities for innovation and differentiation. As a result, they find unique ways to stand out in the market. For example, DetailXPerts’ USP focuses on steam cleaning technology. And this eco-friendly process can clean a car with 1 bottle of water.

Additionally, DetailXPerts is a mobile cleaning company. Angela says, “We can set up anywhere and offer our mobile car detailing service at a place convenient to the customer.”

Overcoming Challenges and International Franchising

Overcoming challenges is part of being a franchise business owner. Angela and Emmanuel started franchising in 2008 during an economic downturn. It was a difficult start. However, the Williams didn’t give up. Instead, they navigated unforeseen setbacks with resilience, a proactive mindset, and the power of SEO!

Their car wash marketing and effective SEO led to an opportunity in Dubai. Water scarcity in the UAE meant high demand for a water-conscious car wash. DetailXPerts could meet demand with its unique steam cleaning process. The Williams sold a master franchise in Dubai, marking the start of their successful franchise journey.

Understanding the Service and the Typical Client

If you own a franchise, ensure your franchisees and customers understand your service offering. Address any misconceptions. For instance, DetailXPerts is different from a quick 5-minute drive-through car wash. In contrast, it offers specialized auto detailing that cleans every nook and cranny of a vehicle. For more details, read our blog on the difference between car wash and auto detailing.

Furthermore, research shows more people are now willing to pay more for an eco-friendly, high-quality service. Also, DetailXPerts’ typical clients can be dealerships, large companies that need fleet services, and other customers in the B2B market.

Opening a Business in 45 Days

A franchise owner has to think like a franchisee. For example, prospective franchisees want to know how long it takes to open a business. First, both parties must agree they are a good fit for each other, and this introductory process can take around 30 days. Then, if DetailXPerts awards you a franchise, you could be open for business in 45 days after your initial training and coaching.

A Day in the Life of a Franchise Business Owner

What is it like to own a franchise? Angela says a typical day revolves around managing the business. Ideally, you’ll have 1-2 employees. And you’ll coach and mentor them. You’ll also reach out to your community, network with other business owners, and talk with clients to ensure excellent customer service. To sum up, you’ll grow your business with the help of your franchisor.

In conclusion, Angela is not just a franchise business owner. She also hosts her own podcast alongside her husband, Emmanuel.


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