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Car Detailing Clay Bar – What Do We Recommend?

Car Detailing Clay Bar – What Do We Recommend

Car Detailing Clay Bar – What Do We Recommend?

If you want a car that looks like new, then you need to use a car detailing clay bar. It can remove stubborn dirt and grime, industrial fallout, hard water spots, oxidation, and other contaminants that can mar the beauty of your prized possession. But with the increasing number of car detailing clay bar brands in the market today, which should you choose? Which brand can take your car detailing efforts to the next level?

Two Types of Car Detailing Clay Bar

Once upon a time, the use of clay bars was a well-kept secret of detailers. But as with anything else, an effective product cannot be kept under cover for so long. So DIY-ers started using clay bars on their cars. Some of them became addicted to using it (who wouldn’t when it can provide your car with that extra oomph), they just can’t get enough.

That’s why there are two types of car detailing clay bar nowadays: medium grade and fine grade. The first is recommended for annual or bi-annual use, while the second is for more frequent use. Below are our recommendations, in no particular order.

Car Detailing Clay Bar: The DetailXPerts List

Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Kit

This is one product that we always have in our detailing arsenal. When it comes to car detailing clay bar brands, Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Kit is one of the best. It has everything you need to perform a decent clay barring: two 80-gram clay bars that’s enough for four uses; a lubricant spray and a very handy microfiber cloth. So for the price tag of $25, we think it’s still a steal.

Griot’s Clay Bar

This car detailing clay bar costs $21. It comes in a sealed container to prevent it from drying even if you store it for a long time. It’s safe to use on all surfaces of the vehicle.One bar can clean seven vehicles, more or less, depending on their size and condition. Take note, however, that this is a professional-grade clay bar. It’s not as malleable as other clay bars, so you’ll have to have a certain level of experience to maximize its use. Always use this product with a lubricant to facilitate the clay barring process and to prevent it from sticking to the vehicle’s paint.

3M Clay Bar

The 3M Perfect-It Cleaner Clay is best used with the 3M Clean and Shine Water-based detailer. It glides on surfaces and attracts different kinds of contaminants. It’s actually licensed by NASCAR. It costs $21 and above. But be very careful! Check the product’s label before buying. The one that’s made in Japan works great for us. We can’t say the same thing for 3M products that are made in other countries.

Mother’s California Gold Clay Bar System

If you’re one of the “I need to clay bar my car again” people, this is a product for you. This car detailing clay bar only costs less than $18 yet includes a complete kit – two 100-gram clay bars, a 16 ounce Instant Detailer, and a large microfiber towel. It’s strong enough to pick up surface contaminants, yet safe on car paint.

McKee’s 37 Universal Detailing Clay & Lube Combo

If you’ve got experience using a car detailing clay bar, then this one is for you. It’s a special compound (think medium grade) that removes contaminants quickly. It’s a good product to use for removing brake dust, rail dust, tar, bugs, and stubborn contaminants. Combo costs $24.99 upwards.

Wolfgang Elastic Poly Clay Bar

This is another medium grade car detailing clay bar that removes brake dust, debris from industrial areas, tree sap, tar, and bugs. Make sure to use with a lubricant to prevent paint scratches brought about by friction. The clay bar alone costs $14.99.

Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay

Here’s another fine grade detailing bar for the auto enthusiast like you. The Pinnacle Ultra Poly Clay costs $19. A pack contains two separate bars that fit your hand perfectly. Initially, you might find the product too sticky. Just roll it on your hand several times and it will become pliable enough for use. It removes all types of surface contaminants. Use this with the recommended lubricant to maximize its efficiency.

Chemical Guys’ Clay Bar and Lubricant Kit

If you want a detailing bar that lasts longer and works harder, this product might suit your needs best. The pack consists of one 100-gram clay bar and a bottle of lubricating spray. It attracts contaminants like a magnet and is safe to use on all types of surfaces – glass, metal, and painted surfaces. As with other types of clay bar, the secret is to use the lubricant that comes with it to make it glide on the surface. It costs $20 upwards.

Like other detailers, we are fans of car detailing clay bar products, because we are aware of how well they work on vehicles. However, we always advise users on how to do the best clay bar treatment possible. It will be best to use a car detailing clay bar inside a garage or a shaded area to keep contaminants away from the car’s surface.

Now, if you’re not confident using it, we suggest scheduling an appointment with the experts. DetailXPerts has some of the best technicians around, all eager to help your car achieve that showroom shiny finish you can be proud of.

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