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How to Keep Your Car Looking Like New

How to Keep Your Car Looking Like New

How to Keep Your Car Looking Like New

So you bought a new car? Congratulations! Your prized possession will definitely turn heads and boost your pride! Now you need to know how to maintain its beauty, right? Or maybe you bought it a while ago, but you still want to know how to keep your car looking like new? In either case, we can help with our

7 Tips on How to Keep Your Car Looking Like New

1. A Full Detail Service with Wax Coat

Your new car will almost certainly shine while rolling out of the showroom. Most dealerships provide some basic detailing for newly bought vehicles. Read – basic. You are not sure of the quality of the wax coating and if it will even last for a few days.

If you can haggle a better detailing service for free, then so much the better. If not, then we suggest you bring your new car to a reputable auto spa detailer for a full service. Applying protective wax coating on the day you purchase your car will help extend the top coat’s life and keep it looking as if it just rolled out of the factory.

2. Quick Clean After Use

When you are about to retire for the night, make it a habit to clean your car. A quick wipe off will remove dirt and other everyday gunk that got stuck to the car’s paint. A 5 to 10-minute dust off is enough if the car is relatively clean and about 15 minutes if you would need to use some cleaning products. But if your car looks as if it participated in a mud race, it’s better to head down for a gentle hand car wash before calling it a day.

3. Dry Your Car Thoroughly

Knowing how to keep your car looking like new also involves knowing why and how to dry it thoroughly. The idea here is to remove any water droplets before they settle on your car. Why? Because they can absorb dirt and upon evaporation will leave dirt marks on the surface. Therefore, if you decide to water wash your car, be sure to wipe it dry first to prevent paint swirls and leaving water droplets. Do note that water washing might weaken your wax coating so be careful and don’t be too aggressive when wiping your car dry.

If your car was exposed to rain, check if the water beads out. This means that your wax coating is doing its job to keep out water and moisture. If rainwater does not bead off, it’s time for a wax reapplication.

4. Remove Bird Droppings Immediately

Not only are bird droppings unsightly, but they also contain toxic elements that can damage your car’s paint job. Left to dry, bird droppings can cause paint etching. Therefore, you should make it a habit to check your car for bird droppings whenever you park outside. Always have a disposable rag or towel – microfiber is best – in your car together with some mild cleaning agents. If the droppings are not yet dry, a little water should be enough to wash them away.

5. Choose Where You Park

If you can, try not to park under trees. This is the natural home of birds. And if there are birds, expect them to drop some of their poo on your car. Additionally, some trees discharge sap which can be as damaging to your car’s paint as bird droppings. Falling leaves can also carry sap, mildew and other impurities that might cause paint damage especially if left on the car’s surface for an extended period.

Look out for light and electric posts or overhead wirings. Birds love to converge on these. So, don’t leave your car directly below such structures or else you will find your car covered with droppings.

Always look for a garage or a sheltered parking area when parking. This keeps your car safe from mother nature’s pets and environmental effects.

6. Claying

Does your car paint look a little dull? Do you feel some roughness when you run your hand over the paint? These are signs that it’s time to bring in your car to a detailer for a claying session. Claying removes small particles that become stuck or trapped in the paint. A car’s surface may look smooth to the naked eye, but car paint may have some very small ridges that can trap equally small particles like dirt, metal shavings, or sand. A clay bar will pluck out these impurities which ordinary washing can’t remove.

7. Engine Wash

Do you now know how to keep your car looking like new on the outside? What about the parts that are not so obvious at first sight, like the engine bay? Not as exposed as a car’s exterior, the engine bay may escape your attention when it comes to cleaning. But after a few months of driving, dust and dirt will start to build up. Pop open the hood every month to clean the engine using damp rags. If there is some sticky buildup due to oil and grease, soften these with a few sprays of engine degreaser before wiping off. You can even make your own homemade engine degreaser.

We hope these basic car care tips on how to keep your car looking like new will help you protect your car keep it safe from harmful elements. If you would like to have your car professionally detailed, schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts. We will provide your car with the best possible care to keep it looking like new, always.

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