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Car Adhesive Remover Review: Rapid Remover Adhesive Remover

Car Adhesive Remover Review: Rapid Remover Adhesive Remover

Car Adhesive Remover Review: Rapid Remover Adhesive Remover

Removing bumper stickers and vinyl decals from various surfaces of a car can be a very messy and time consuming task. No matter how hard you try, there will always be some sticky residue left behind that spoils the appearance of the car. In desperation, you might try various tools and products such as razor blades, nail polish removers or paint thinners which can damage paint and metal, consequently burdening you with additional paint correction expenditures. Rapid Remover Adhesive Remover is a car adhesive remover that has answered the frustrations of many.

What is Rapid Remover Adhesive Remover?

Rapid Remover is a product of the company Rapid Tac that specializes in solutions that enables the installation and removal of vinyl decals and graphics easily. This car adhesive remover comes in different sizes –  4 oz, 32 oz and 1 gallon. The prices are quite expensive, $10, $25 and $48 respectively (prices on The manufacturers claim that this car adhesive remover only takes 30-60 seconds to work and you can “scoop off adhesive like shoveling snow”. It is a water soluble and “non-toxic” formula. Customers have stated that this product can be used to remove a variety of sticky gunk such as tar, tree sap, chewing gum, etc. Here are the directions for use:

  1. Remove the decal using a heat lamp or a heat gun.
  2. Spray the residue with Rapid Remover Adhesive remover and let is sit for 30-60 seconds.
  3. Using a squeegee or a scraper, remove the adhesive.
  4. Use a microfiber towel to clean the surface.
  5. Rinse the surface with water.

How effective is this car adhesive remover?

This product is very effective when it comes to removing adhesive from the surface of the car. As mentioned above, it can also be used to remove a variety of other sticky residue. As mentioned in the product description it works in the specified time period and the entire job will be done in minutes. It also does not chip the paint or harm the metal. Although it is quite expensive, it is an effective product. However, it has a very strong odor that will remind you of caustic chemicals.

Is this product safe for you and the environment?

Rapid Remover is safe to be used on the paint and metal surfaces of the car but is it safe for you? Although the manufactures say the product is non-toxic, the MSDS safety data sheet tells an entirely different story. The fumes are toxic so they should not be inhaled. Contact with skin can cause irritation and contact with eyes can cause serious eye damage. If swallowed it can be lethal. It is also highly flammable. Hence make sure you wear gloves and protective eyewear when using this adhesive remover. This product is listed as one that is very toxic to aquatic life so all measures should be taken to prevent it from entering waterways.

Steam as an alternative to Rapid Remover

We believe, when it comes to removing adhesive or any other sticky residue from your car, steam is a better alternative even if the process may take longer. It is not only effective, but also environmental friendly and safe for the user as well. It is cost effective since you have to only make a one-time investment in a steam cleaner which can not only be used for adhesive removal, but to clean both the interior and exterior of your car with amazing results.

Rapid Remover Adhesive Remover is a product that lives up to the claims of its manufacturers but extra precautions have to be practiced due to its toxic nature. It is a quick solution to removing adhesive but don’t forget that steam is the better solution.

Call DetailXPerts at 877-317-9737 to receive detailed information about our steam cleaning process. Our experts are ready to return your car’s appearance to showroom condition.

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