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Car Wash Cloth Types

Car Wash Cloth Types

Car Wash Cloth Types

The main use of car wash cloths relates to the general cleaning of your car. This includes drying, dusting, and detailing the interior and exterior. Selecting the right towels also helps to keep your car free from spots, streaks, and drip lines. However, if you are finding it difficult to choose the best car wash cloths for the job, here are a few pointers from our professional team.

Types of Car Wash Cloth

Window Towels

Cotton towels are the best option to use for cleaning your windows. This material is absorbent and lint-free to avoid leaving any residue behind. However, avoid using the same towel on the exterior and windows. This could scratch the glass if any leftover debris lingers behind on the cloth.

Terry Cloth Towels

The main purpose of terry cloth towels is to clean the car’s exterior. However, a disadvantage to using this type of towel – lint might be left on the surface. A terry cloth towel works best for car waxing. Out of all the car wash cloths, this towel applies wax the easiest.

Washing Mitt

A washing mitt helps clean a car more efficiently. This type of material consists of cotton with a mixture of long, fine fibers to grip dirt and remove it from the car exterior. However, rinse the mitt as frequently as possible to avoid scratching the surface of the vehicle. If debris sticks to the mitt, it leaves behind fine scratch marks.

Microfiber Wash Cloth

A microfiber washcloth works with nearly any task when it comes to car detailing. The material possesses absorbent properties that gather and collect dirt to the fibers. Additionally, these can be used to dust the interior of your car when slightly damp.

Microfiber car wash cloths also come as a drying tool for your car. Most of the time, car owners use them to dry their windows. The material collects any leftover solution from the window cleaner and leaves behind a streak-free finish.

Polishing Towels

This is an excellent car wash cloth and is used to give a fine swirl-free finish to the paint. This towel is best used to leave behind a shiny finish.

Chamois Wash Cloth

This wash cloth is made up of chamois leather. The material is soft and absorbent but generally used for drying the vehicle once finished.

Car wash cloths work the best when they are chosen for the right task. Since each one works with a specific task, understanding what those are will help. However, a professional company utilizes all of these to properly detail your car. DetailXPerts, an eco-friendly, mobile auto detailing company performs each task with the correct towel.

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