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Boat Detailing Equipment

Boat Detailing Equipment

Boat Detailing Equipment

Are you planning to strip your boat or yacht down to the hull and to perform an all-out detailing job? Cleaning your boat from top to bottom is no easy feat. The sheer size of a marine vessel can pose problems for even the most experienced maintenance experts, but don’t let this discourage you from doing a little detailing and tinkering on your own.

Your vessel is an investment and a great source of pride, that’s why it’s necessary for you to be intimately familiar with how it works, inside and out. Part and parcel of being a good boat owner is knowing how to clean and tune-up your own boat. While it’s certainly a challenging and back-breaking task, at the end of the day you will certainly be happy to ride in a spanking clean boat that rides the waves smoothly.

It’s always a good idea to clean out your boat or yacht even when you’re not using it. Choosing the right cleaning chemicals and equipment can spell the difference between restoring your boat to its former glory and irreparably damaging it. You will also save time and effort by knowing exactly how to use these tools to bring out the beauty of your vessel.

There are several things you need to keep handy if you want to perform like a pro as you detail your boat:


Investing in a number of high-quality brushes with the correct handle length and bristle stiffness is the first step towards producing great cleaning results. A brush with telescoping handle will be even better. Your boat is made up of different kinds of materials, so you need just the right kind of brush to be able to clean each surface efficiently and effectively, even those hard-to-reach areas.

Hard water spot remover

Your boat may be able to navigate the waters perfectly, but it’s not immune to the wear and tear caused by the minerals deposited in the water. Hard water spots can eat up your gel coat and cause premature decay on virtually every inch of your boat.

Heavy-duty hose with rubber-coated spray nozzle

Whether you’re dealing with a motorbike, a car or a boat, it’s always best to use a lightweight rubber-coated spray nozzle that will not leave any marks or dents on the finish if it accidentally gets dropped on the deck or slammed into a corner.

Boat gel wash

Protect your boat’s gel coating by using the right gel wash. Microorganisms act on the hull every time you take out your boat for a spin, leaving greenish or brownish residue on the surface. Apply this with a non-abrasive rag or sponge and you should be able to get rid of the unsightly spots quickly.

Isinglass cleaner

Keep all your conventional cleaning aids in the closet as they won’t help you tackle the tough stains on your canvas top and enclosure. Clean, polish, and protect plastic surfaces on your boat with the proper isinglass cleaner and you’ll see how much longer they stay squeaky clean.


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