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5 Most Essential Detailing Supplies for Your Truck Wash Business

5 Most Essential Detailing Supplies for Your Truck Wash Business

Choosing the most essential auto detailing supplies in the market today can be very tricky and thought provoking for a lot of new truck detailing business owners. Sometimes, out of their confusion, they tend to buy products just because they saw them in ads or displayed prominently in auto shops or department stores. The question is, do they really need all of those detailing supplies?

Actually, there is no need to buy every vehicle detailing product in the market – that would be a huge waste of money. There are only 5 auto detailing supplies to get a truck detailing business going. What are they? Read on and find out.

5 Most Essential Detailing Supplies for your Truck Wash Business

1. Cleaner Wax

Applying a good coat of cleaner wax after washing and drying off the body of the truck is essential to a glossy finish. Keep in mind that a cleaner wax is different from a regular wax. While a regular wax will remove some of the film that builds up on paint, a cleaner wax is designed to totally remove all film deposits including oils that cling to the truck’s surface. However, if the truck has not been regularly washed and detailed, it won’t be a good idea to wax it right away. You will also need to apply a polishing compound and a paint sealant, respectively. Aside from cleaner wax, it would be practical to have polishing compounds and paint sealants handy at your truck wash facility.

2. Upholstery Cleaning Machine

A good truck detailing service also involves deep cleaning of the whole interior cabin. You will need a good upholstery cleaning machine to clean the truck’s interior fabric upholstery and carpets. Cleaning machines come in heated or non-heated variety. With this machine, you get to wash and dry the upholstery and carpets. This can be a good investment for your truck wash business.

If a specialized upholstery cleaning machine is not within your start up budget yet, you can make use of your good old vacuum cleaner and fabric shampoo. You just need to vacuum the upholstery, shampoo it, and then use your vacuum again to remove the shampoo residue. This will leave the upholstery and carpets damp though, so they will still have to be dried.

3. Engine Degreaser

Engine detailing is essential in keeping the truck’s workhorse in tiptop shape. However, these unsung heroes are often the most neglected parts of some trucks. More often than not, truck owners will ask for engine detailing only when the need arises (when mud has caked to several inches or rust starts to show as a result of unattended grime). This is why you will need a supply of engine degreaser in your truck wash. This detailing supply is sprayed or brushed on to engines to remove oil, fluid, grease and grime. It is also used to degrease other automotive parts of the truck, like the fluid containers and hoses. But before you order boxes of degreasers, it is best to research which brand works most effectively. Of course,  non-toxic and biodegradable cleaners or compounds are the ideal products to use. These may be more costly but the benefits they can provide you, your customer and the environment more than makes up for the price.

4. Steam Pressure Washer

A steam pressure washer is used for cleaning the engine and chassis. After spraying or brushing on the degreaser, you will need to rinse off all that grease and grime using a steam pressure washer. This is another equipment to invest on for your truck wash. A pressurized sprayer is a cheaper alternative to the steam pressure washer. You can use a siphon sprayer hooked to an air compressor to blast away the dirt when degreasing an engine. However, you have to be careful when using pressurized sprayers as you might force solvents into electrical connections, engine orifices or sensitive components. According to, this action may damage the engine.

5. Various types and sizes of Vehicle Wash brushes

You will need various types and sizes of brushes for cleaning specific areas of the truck. These brushes will allow you to clean and detail the most difficult areas – corners,  jambs, etc.  A brush with a  bristle width of 1 inch and  bristle length of 2.5 inches would be enough to clean and remove tiny dust particles in the exterior and interior parts of the truck. The crevices of the dashboard and other uneven areas of the truck would need a 1.25 bristle width brush. Choose a high quality soft bristle brush that won’t scratch the truck’s surfaces.

There are also other detailing products that your shop will need. A dozen rags will help you  dry the trucks off,  remove wax, wipe the windows and the interior of the truck. Towels will also do the trick. The chamois leather, on the other hand, is perfect for drying and buffing any automobile surface without damaging the paint. It has a gentle and non-abrasive composition and absorption properties. Synthetic chamois is also as good as the genuine article. Rags, towels and chamois cloths are what you need to stock up on at your truck wash to deliver excellent truck detailing service. You wouldn’t want to run out of them.

Yes, don’t forget water containers and buckets, spray bottles, sponges and brushes. These are supplies, though, that you may already have in stock.


Knowing which detailing supplies to choose from the myriad types and brands will not only give you huge savings. It will also enable you to serve your truck wash customers better, grow your customer base, and ultimately increase your revenues.

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