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Car Wash Revenue Boost Through Outstanding Customer Service

Car Wash Revenue Boost Through Outstanding Customer Service

How you handle customers and make them happy will surely entice them to patronize your car wash service over and over again. Customers will never think twice about their loyalty if they are given a high-standard service and appreciation. Note that these repeat clients are your free and walking advertisements.Therefore, more repeat clients translates to higher revenue and increased market share. How do you boost your revenue through outstanding and exceptional customer service? Here are some practical and useful tips on how to do it:


This is the basic and the easiest way of gaining customers, thus, increasing your sales and return customers. Smiling makes people around you feel happy and comfortable. Effortlessly, smiling to your customers can break the ice and starting a conversation will never be a problem.  Note that not everyone will smile back, but remember how it feels when they do. Remember, smiles attract attention.

Call them by their first name

How you approach your customers is one factor that will determine whether or not you will be able to form a relationship with them. As much as possible, talk to your customers as if they’re one of your closest friends or acquaintances. Call them by their first names. Not only does remembering your customers’ first names easier compared to their last names – they may feel comfortable enough to give you feedback about the service in a nicer way.

Be helpful, conversational and enthusiastic

Build rapport with your clients and they will surely remember you and your service. No one likes a lame and  non-interesting looking customer representative. Answer their questions and queries promptly and confidently, and make sure to deliver it in a nice manner. These qualities will influence your client’s decision of coming back to your car wash service. Aside from being the happy and blithe customer service representative, one must also be knowledgeable on all of the car wash services and products that your business offers. An outstanding customer service representative is constant and reliable. He must have adept knowledge and a very good know-how on all aspects of the car wash business. Like what was told earlier, your repeat and loyal clients will be your free advertisement. They are the walking flyers for your car wash business. Trust them to tell their friends and colleagues to try your services once they find satisfaction in doing business with you.

Be consistent

Ensure that a high-quality standard is maintained at all times. You do not want your customers to feel discomfited when they return to your car wash service, do you? Take note that they can always take back what positive comments they have told their friends when they had a good customer experience with you before. You and your staff must ensure that all transactions and business with the return clients goes smoothly.

Perform an after-service survey

Checking how satisfied the customers are and how they feel about the service will make them feel that you value their thoughts and comments.  Who likes to hear complaints and rants from an unsatisfied customer? Many of us do not, but if we give attention to their concerns and take their negative feedback then they may feel that they’re not taken for granted. A simple question like, “Is there anything you think we could do to improve our service?” makes your customers feel that you are sincerely interested on improving your service. Negative feedback gives you a reason to enhance your service and think of something better to offer to your clients.

Implementing  outstanding customer service  can indeed boost your car wash revenue. Keep in mind that the entire staff must also be dedicated in providing the best service they can give to your clients.

If you want to learn more information on car wash business and franchise, check out the DetailXPerts customer service page

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