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Top 5 Professional Car Detailing Products

Top 5 Professional Car Detailing Products

For those who are novices to car detailing, it is handy to know it is known by various names e.g. organic cleaning, car waxing, hand car wash and the like. Although it may seem an unnecessary expense to get someone else to clean your truck, SUV or sedan, the exercise serves the dual-purpose of identifying trouble spots before they turn into major problems that may be costlier to fix.

Nevertheless, should you fancy delving into the ins and outs of detailing your own vehicle, there are a galore of products and equipment for cleaning and buffing; polishing and waxing; conditioning and dressing; sanitization and deodorizing waiting to kindle you and your four or more-wheelers’ appetites.

To keep it simple, here are just five top professional car detailing products you will find in a pro detailers’ tool kit. Working from the exterior into the interior are:

Power or pressure washers have traditionally been a mainstay with many professional detailing providers. Lately however, vapor or steam cleaners are making inroads onto the scene and understandably so as some are designed to deep-clean and rid of dirt, grime, and grease at controllable temperatures. The steam cleaning methodology and equipment used by the folks at DetailXPerts will have your engine compartments looking so clean, you’ll be taken aback.

Electric buffers and polishers are standard gear in the professional’s entourage – it will provide a brighter and shinier lasting paint finish. While a high rotary speed buffer removes pollutants and blemishes in the clear coat surface; the polisher is used for vehicles that are in better shape. They will glaze its paint with polish, which is then finished off with waxing.

Power vacuum extractors for your interior. While the exterior holds the insides of our vehicles together, the interior is equally if not more important to keep spic and span as that’s where we are cocooned during our travel time. Carpets are notorious repositories of the muck that car passengers bring in, drop and spill. Nowadays, there are various power vacuum extractors that have offer hot water, heated or steam options to get the job done effectively and very quickly too.

Steam cleaning equipment for sanitation. After the unwanted residue has been removed, the interior should be sterilized and sanitized and then, deodorized. Ask around and there are detailing experts with steam cleaning equipment that will process and kill as many as 300 bacteria, flu bugs, and cold virus in as long as it takes for you to have lunch.
electronic buffer detailing products
Cleaning products – chemicals or go green? Another common professional detailing component are the chemicals used for the exterior (e.g. to replace swirls and dulling with a gloss over and preservation) and interior (for cleaning and preservation as well). Rather than settle for harsh chemicals that cause more harm than good, ask for green products that do the job just as well and are readily available.

There are many product lines to choose from and what suits your neighbor’s truck may very not work for your sedan or SUV, in terms of base material, finishing and preservation needs. The well-reputed professionals will know and have the right combination of service solutions to suit your vehicle’s many and varied needs at different times of the year. It is important though to do the homework and ensure your level of needs are equally matched by their level of customer service.


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