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15 Ways to Increase the Revenue of Your Auto Detailing Business

Increase Auto Detailing Revenue

15 Ways to Increase the Revenue of Your Auto Detailing Business

Most entrepreneurs want to make a difference and use their careers to pursue their goals. In the automotive industry, detailing is a popular choice for aftermarket businesses. Compared to other companies, opening this type of shop costs less money to invest. Also, there are several ways to increase your auto detailing revenue once you establish the business.

15 Ways to Increase Your Auto Detailing Revenue

Mission Statement

Every company has an established mission and vision they want to achieve through the business. Think about the bottom line and how you can share it with your team and customers. When people relate to a goal or dream you want to achieve, they are more likely to utilize your business for their needs.

Basically, opening up your passions for everyone to see creates a more personal relationship. Instead of appearing like a giant corporation or business, the company seems more relatable and that attracts people to your store.

Business Plan

Creating a successful business plan is one of the most important aspects of starting your business. This outlines everything that will go into your company, from the mission and goals to financial documents and expected sales. Make sure your plan is interesting and stands out from other auto detailing companies. Ask other business owners or professionals for advice when writing the plan, as well as, feedback when you complete it.

Auto Detailing Revenue Recognition

Understanding the amount of revenue coming into the company is one of the most important aspects of the business. Thoroughly tracking all accounts and financial data keeps everything running smoothly. It is best to handle finalized payments and deposits yourself.

Deciphering what generates the most money will help guide you through the next steps in your company. This allows you to choose what ways you want to increase your auto detailing revenue based on what’s currently working.

Profits and Costs Comparison

Once you have gathered general financial documents, collect the costs of running the business. Understanding how much you are making is important but you also need to be aware where money is spent.

How many supplies does your team use a day? What does it cost to replenish them? Create a break down of what costs the business has and how often they need to be purchased. Don’t forget to add recurring bills as well like electric, water, etc.

Target Audience

Understanding what audience you want to focus on has the potential to increase your auto detailing revenue. Honing in on a specific customer and creating a profile for the “ideal” client allows you to develop the business. Some companies leave the audience open, attempting to attract anyone. However, developing marketing strategies for a targeted audience is more effective than general campaigns.

Location Choice Affects Your Auto Detailing Revenue, Too

Selecting the proper location for your company can help increase your auto detailing revenue. Sometimes, the placement of the business makes or breaks the business. Look for an area that has heavy traffic throughout the day. When you open a business, you want to have as much visibility as possible.

Additionally, choosing an area that has dealerships and other related businesses increases your chances of acquiring clients. Research demographics for the location where you want to establish your company. If you created a profile for your ideal customer, the demographics help you pick the best place to target those people.

Consignment Purchases

To save money when you first invest in the business, purchasing equipment from a consignment shop might benefit. These types of shops offer both new and used machines to utilize for the company. However, be sure to thoroughly research the store before you invest money. If you are purchasing equipment for your business, you want to find a place with a good reputation.

An auto detailing business needs to provide reliable services, including the machines and tools they use. If you find a great shop, establish a relationship with them and continue to purchase products. This ensures you will receive quality equipment because you have a rapport and business relationship.

Add-On Services to Boost Auto Detailing Revenue

Based on the collected data from your financial statements, utilize the information to expand the business. Adding on new services attracts different audiences to your store. For example, consider offering services such as air sanitation, odor removal, mold removal, or pet hair removal. These types of features can be added easily.

Adding extra options for your customers will make them happier, as well as, generate more income for you. Most of the time, it relates to what your technicians are already familiar with, meaning you won’t have to hire more people.

Profit Centers

As mentioned above, additional services are a type of profit center. These extra options increase your auto detailing revenue for the business. Consider other avenues within your market to offer your clients.

Detailing a variety of vehicles opens up the type of audiences your company serves. If you focus solely on private vehicles and cars, you lose money by not branching out. Teach your technicians to detail boats, RVs, trucks, etc. to be able to service more than one type of automotive.

One of the easiest profit centers to incorporate into your business is an all-inclusive package. Combining a basic detail with additional services sell easier than if they purchase separately. Discounting the packages will encourage even more customers to buy them while generating revenue that you might not have received otherwise.

Pricing Accordingly

A great way to save money and generate more auto detailing revenue is to price your services wisely. Research the market in your area to determine what the average detail costs. This allows you to start with a baseline so that you don’t overprice or underprice. However, be aware of the services they offer versus what you offer your clients.

If you offer specialty services or use different methods to clean, this might cost more than the average detail. Make sure the services are valuable to the customers but at the same time, financially beneficial for you as well.

Product Sales

Another avenue to consider for additional income is the sale of products. If you develop a cleaning solution that outperforms the competitors, it might benefit you to sell it. However, make sure the cleaning solution is branded with your company and you own the copyrights. This allows your company’s name to spread through a retail aspect as well.

Happy Employees

Businesses don’t function without the help of their team. Keeping your employees happy increases productivity of the company. First, make sure you pay them fairly, checking to see what other similar positions offer in your area. Include small breaks and lunches in their schedules too so that you don’t overwork them.

Sharing passions and promoting camaraderie among workers benefits the business as a whole. Explaining to your employees why you pursue this career and what you hope to accomplish gives them a glimpse of the dream. Try to hire a team that wants to succeed and works together to carry out day-to-day activities.

Offline Marketing

Despite the popularity of the digital age, some offline marketing is still effective. Printed materials have a large impact on the brand, as well as, helps attract customers to the business. A large percentage of traditional marketing works due to the mixed customer base of the company.

Word-of-mouth continues to spread the reputation of the business as well. Encourage clients to share their experience with friends and family and recommend your company. This type of advertising continues to be one of the best ways to sell your brand.

Online Marketing/SEO

Utilizing both traditional and digital marketing increases the profits of the business. First, you want to have a professional, engaging website. Understanding SEO and keywords when you create the page will increase the likelihood of someone finding you online. When you search for a business type, the keywords help push your company to the top of the page.

Once you establish a strong website, consider opening social media accounts for the business. People visit Facebook and other social media sites on a daily basis. This allows your audience reach to stretch further than it normally would. Utilize the internet to your advantage and draw more customers to the company by having a strong online presence.

Mobile Auto Detailing Revenue

Mobility gives the business flexibility by traveling throughout the area you service. When starting your business, this saves money because you don’t need to purchase/rent a building for the company. Working from a vehicle is more convenient for the consumer as well. More people are likely to schedule services if you come to them because of their busy lives. This leads to an increase in your auto detailing revenue because you acquire more clients with mobile detailing.

For a well-established, successful auto detailing company, consider DetailXPerts. We utilize each of these avenues as a way to generate more revenue for our franchise owners. Check out our car wash franchise opportunities today to jump start your career! Or sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay updated on all things automotive detailing business and franchise!


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