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Why Should You Wax Your Car? Here Are 7 Good Reasons

Why Should You Wax Your Car? Here Are 7 Good Reasons

Why Should You Wax Your Car?

Everyone knows why it’s a good idea to do so, but not everyone knows the reasons why. So, why should you wax your car? Car owners regularly ask us what the benefits of car waxing are, so we have put together 7 reasons why you should.

1.  Shine

This is an obvious one. Who wouldn’t want a shiny car? The way to achieve the glossy look of a brand new off-the-lot car is to regularly apply wax. There are lots of great car wax options to choose from including carnauba wax and synthetic paint sealants. These will provide that new car glossy shine.

2.  Protection From Airborne Contaminants

Applying car wax will protect your car’s exterior from many airborne contaminants like bugs and acid rain. As these corrosive materials can stick to the vehicle’s paint and ultimately scratch it, it’s important to apply wax. The wax will create a layer on top of the paint to help avoid these airborne contaminants from becoming embedded in the paint of your car.

3.  Easy Washing

This is a reason not many people know about. Why should you wax your car for easy washing? Well, the wax will make it much easier to clean! The airborne contaminants we mentioned above will be easily washed away when you get your car cleaned or will simply wipe off when you remove the wax. Without a layer of wax, a full detail will probably be needed which can be costly and take longer to clean.

4.  Reduce the Cost of Repairs and Refinishing

Although wax will not remove the scratches and paint chips from your car, it will fill them in. Using car wax on scratches will lessen their appearance and smooth them out. Filling in car scratches with wax is a less costly alternative to fixing them completely which would require the removal of any clear coat. Car wax will also avoid your vehicles paint work becoming chipped as will reduce the friction between debris and your car, meaning any tiny rocks and stones will slide off your car rather than damage it when you’re driving at high speeds. Save time and money by using car wax on the exterior of your vehicle – you won’t be sorry!

5.  Remove Hard Water Spots

Sometimes, no matter how hard you work at removing water spots from your car they never seem to disappear. All that elbow grease can leave you tired and frustrated when you get no results. A simple and easy way to remove these stubborn spots is to apply wax and sealants to prevent hard water spots staining your car. Water spots are a result of impurities in the air and the deposits of the water used to wash your vehicle. The hard water spots you see on the surface of your car are from minerals like limestone, calcium and magnesium found in the water. So, why should you wax your car in this case? To easily keep it looking spotless of course!

6.  Repair Sun Damage

When you park your car out in the sun for long periods of time, it can often leave the paint work looking dull and faded. You’re probably asking: Why should you wax your car if it has been sun damaged? Well, the layer of wax will liven up the luster. The process of repairing sun damage is quite simple; first, wash your car with water – don’t use soap. Dry it using a non-abrasive terry cloth and then apply a rubbing compound. Focus on the areas most damaged by the sun and distribute the product evenly on the areas surrounding the damage. Finally, use car wax to seal the rubbing compound, stand back and enjoy the results!

7.  Remove Oxidation

The application of car wax in removing oxidation from your car’s paint is another reason you should wax your car regularly. Oxidation of the vehicle’s paint work occurs when you leave your car out in the elements without protection. Applying car wax, as well as regularly cleaning and polishing the car’s exterior will help protect your car’s paint helping you to avoid costly repairs.

If you find the DIY approach too tedious or you simply don’t have time, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals to keep your car looking in tip-top shape. DetailXPerts can help you to restore you car’s good looks and make sure it keeps its resale value. Schedule your appointment with us today.

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