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What to Wash Your Car With?

What to Wash Your Car With

What to Wash Your Car With?

Hosing down your car with water does not qualify as “washing” since it does not even get rid of contaminants that harm the paint. In addition to water, then, you need a cleaning product. However, that does not mean that you should spring for household cleaners such as detergents, dish soap, liquid soap, or glass cleaner. So what to wash your car with? Here’s a list of products that are safe to use on car paint.

What to wash your car with?

1. Distilled water
Do you have constant trouble with water spots? When a car is washed with water that is laden with minerals, this issue is inevitable. In fact, more than 85% of American homes have “hard water”, which means water with a very high mineral content. Using distilled water, which has no traces of minerals is, thus, the best solution to avoid water spots. You can buy distilled water from a store like Walmart or you can buy water in bulk from a supplier.

2. Car wash soap and shampoo
Car wash soaps and shampoos are manufactured to satisfy numerous customer needs. You can purchase a product to enhance a gloss finish or a matte finish, waterless detailers that do not need to be rinsed off, quick detailers to be used in-between washes, and high strength cleaners to strip off old layers of wax and polish. Make sure that any soap or shampoo that you purchase is pH balanced and ammonia-free. Some car wash solutions are also known to contain carcinogens and ingredients that can irritate the eyes and skin and cause respiratory problems. Be aware of those too.

3. Organic car shampoo
Organic car shampoos, as the name implies, are environmental-friendly products. They are manufactured using biodegradable non-toxic chemicals and plant-based ingredients. It is a misconception that only strong chemicals can do a good cleaning. In fact, their organic counterparts can even do a better job. Another upside to using organic car shampoo is its pleasant scent, achieved by mixing in essential oils. This will not only make car washing a pleasant experience, but also a safe and healthy one as opposed to chemical products that emit harsh fumes. Although these products are more expensive, we believe they are good investments.

4. Steam
Using steam is the best car washing method in auto detailing. It is highly effective, environmental-friendly and cheap too. All you have to do is make a one-time investment in a good steam cleaner and you’re good to go. With a pint of water, you can clean an entire car! This also means that you won’t get exorbitant water and power bills. Plus, you also don’t have to purchase car wash soap or shampoo. Steam alone is powerful enough to break hardened dirt and grime. Moreover, using steam will ensure a streak-free, scratch-free cleaning.

What to wash your car with? Other than distilled water (which is more or less mandatory for car cleaning), you can choose any one of the three examples listed above depending on your preference and budget. The main thing to remember is to stay away from generic harsh chemicals, which also means you need to avoid automatic car washes.

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