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10 Car Wash Products to Avoid

10 Car Wash Products to Avoid

10 Car Wash Products to Avoid

Everybody wants to own a car that looks aesthetically pleasing all the time. This is why we buy car wash products that will enhance and preserve its appearance and prolong its life as well. But what if the products you have chosen contain harmful chemicals that may affect your health and those of your loved ones or aggravate the condition of our degraded environment?

How would you know which products to buy and which ones to avoid? We have searched the US Household Products Database (USHPD) and sites like and came up with our list of products to avoid.

10 Car Wash Products that You Should Think Twice About Buying

Yes, a beautiful car is a joy to behold; but not at the cost of our health or the state of the environment. Here is a list of the ten car wash products that we believe should be avoided.

  1. 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner. This contains high levels of naphthalene which has been found to cause cancer and can cause damage to the reproductive system, respiratory system, circulatory system and the digestive system as well.
  2. Eagle One Chrome Wheel Cleaner. This is one of the car detailing products deemed unsafe and poisonous by no less than the USHPD due to its hydrofluoric acid content. Its liquid and vapors may attack the central nervous system which can be manifested by symptoms like dizziness, nausea and headaches. What is more alarming about this product is that the burns it creates from mishandling or accidents do not feel painful at first, so a person might ignore it. Never do so because it can actually cause injuries to the deep tissues and bones and may even burn the eyes and skin.
  3. Champion Spray-on Degreasing Solvent. The ingredients of this car wash product has been found to contain carcinogenic chemicals like Perchloroethylene and Methylene Chloride. It has harmful vapors that may irritate the eyes and the skin.
  4. Dishwasher Detergent. Most of us are aware that detergents have very damaging effects to the environment but some people continue using these products because they are cheap and in some ways, effective at cleaning too. But would people keep on using them if they knew that most of these household cum car wash products contain sulfuric acid? Yes, it’s the hazardous substance that can cause skin damage, asthma and other respiratory diseases. Not to mention that these products have little to do with protecting your car paint as well.
  5. Eagle One MAG Wheel Cleaner. This is another product that the USHPD considers dangerous due to its hydrofluoric acid content which may severely burn the skin, respiratory and digestive tracts. This can also cause permanent injury to the eyes and worse, blindness
  6. Rain X Plus Bug Remover Premium Washer Fluid. This is one of the car wash products that contains methanol which can irritate the eyes and skin. Repeated or prolonged exposure to its vapors can cause brain disorders, eye damage and blindness.
  7. Meguiars Fine Cut Cleaner. This auto cleaner/polish has been found to contain petroleum distillates and crystalline silica which can cause cancer.
  8. Eagle One Easi-Dri Car Wash. This car wash product has been noted by the USHPD as containing substances that may irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory tract.
  9. Turtle Wax Scratch Repair Pen T-121. This product may be small in size but big on health issues as prolonged exposure can cause permanent damage to the brain and the nervous system. This may also upset the digestive system and dermatitis.
  10. Black Magic Tire Wet. Inhalation of this product’s vapors may cause lethargy and vertigo. Frequent contact to the skin can lead to dryness and cracking.

These are just ten car wash products to avoid. The sad fact is, there are hundreds of such products that can seriously pose threats to our health and the environment as well and it will seriously take a lot of effort to educate and convince other people not to buy these products.

But you can do your share by not purchasing these car wash products and by informing others of the hazards they contain. Another way is to do your research before you schedule an appointment with the car wash in your area. If you find that they use any of the products stated above, consider an environmental friendly car wash. By doing so, you will be sure that both your car and the environment will be safer and cleaner.

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