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Organic Car Shampoo: What Is It Made of?

Organic Car Shampoo What Is It Made of

Organic Car Shampoo: What Is It Made of?

Organic car shampoo, as opposed to its chemical counterpart, is made from biodegradable, non-toxic chemicals and natural substances like plant extracts. Such an eco-friendly formula is not only beneficial for your vehicle, but also for the environment and your health. Here we will acquaint you with a number of organic ingredients that producers use to  manufacture green car shampoo. This way you will know what to look for when shopping for car detailing products.

Formula for Organic Car Shampoo

1. Lauramine Oxide. Lauramine Oxide is a substance that has cleansing, foam boosting, and perfuming properties. People use it not only in car shampoo but also in bath products and other cleaners. It is neither environmentally toxic nor harmful to human health, which, combined with the above-mentioned properties, make it an ideal ingredient for organic car shampoo.

2. Carnauba wax. Carnauba wax is a natural derivative of a palm tree indigenous to Brazil. It is most popular as a car wax that gives a rich, deep shine to the paint while providing amazing water beading effects. Most organic car shampoos contain carnauba wax to make the paint shine in addition to cleansing it. But as this is not a substantial amount, you should not forego waxing altogether.

3. Alkyl polyglycosides –  In addition to being biodegradable, these substances are wonderful foaming agents and cleaners. Manufacturers  derive them from sugars and fatty alcohols. One can find alkyl polyglycosides in a large number of auto detailing products, both organic and chemical.

4. Alcohol ethoxylates – If one adds small percentage of AEs to car shampoo, it is no threat to the environment. It is also not a health hazard. They have amazing cleaning properties, especially when it comes to removing oil and grease. You can find AEs commonly in household cleaners.

5. Glycerin – Glycerin is a natural byproduct that occurs during the soap manufacturing process. It can also be extracted from soybean, palm or tallow. It is a natural conditioning and moisturizing agent that works to improve the smoothness of the surface.

6. Essential oils – Many organic car shampoos have essential oils, plant and fruit extracts that give them wonderful aromatic scents.

Organic Car Shampoo: What Is It Made Of?

Organic Car Shampoo: What Is It Made Of?

Manufacturers commonly use herbal ingredients are lavender oil, citrus extracts (lemon and orange), peppermint oil, and eucalyptus oil. Citrus extract is also a cleaning agent. If you add these substances makes using organic car shampoo a very pleasant experience. Аs opposed to inhaling the harsh fumes of chemical shampoos.

7. Distilled water –  Producers also add distilled or filtered water to organic car shampoo just as to chemical shampoos. Adding water makes the product eco-friendly because it becomes what is known in the auto detailing industry as a “no-rinse” or “waterless” car wash product. Using these types of products can cut down on water usage to a very large extent.


Harsh chemicals are not a requirement for superior cleaning and detailing results. Because more effective natural alternatives and non-toxic chemicals are available for use. Organic products are costlier than chemicals. However, this cost is well worth it. This is because these products care for you, your car, and the environment.

As an eco-friendly car wash, we use organic car cleaning materials and methods that we guarantee for. We want to provide you with a sparkling clean, sanitized vehicle inside and out. Check out our interior detailing service for more information.

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