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What’s The Best Way to Polish a Car

Best Way to Polish a Car

What’s The Best Way to Polish a Car


When you own a vehicle, regular care helps maintain the appearance. Most people wash their car at least 3-4 times a year. However, a majority of drivers don’t treat their exterior with wax or polish. Scratches and swirls on the paint can be removed with the use of these solutions. The best way to polish a car depends on the depth of the scratches, as well as, the type of product you are using.


Best Way to Polish a Car

Prepping your car for polish requires a clean surface. Wash your vehicle thoroughly before polishing, which needs to be done before you wax the paint as well. Before beginning, you need to decide whether you hand polish your vehicle or use a buffer. Both ways will help reduce the appearance of scratches but there are pros and cons to both methods.


Liquid or Paste Solution?

Before you begin, choose which type of polish you want to use. The liquid is easy to apply and work into the paint. However, spread the solution evenly onto the application pad, otherwise, with machine application, you risk the compound spraying the entire surface. This compound requires the use of more solution due to the texture.


Paste compounds come in a can which needs to be scooped out to apply. This polish is more difficult to spread because of the texture but requires less product overall. It can be used with hand application or a machine. However, a buffer works best with a paste polish.


Products Available

Choosing the right product is important when you want to work on your vehicle. Polishes are abrasive compounds and selecting the proper solution depends on your car. If the damage is extensive, like deep scratches or oxidation, you might want to choose a more abrasive solution. However, if the scratches/swirls are shallow, a less abrasive compound will work.


For a full kit to polish your car, Wolfgang offers a complete product with solutions and tools. If you have minimal damage and need a softer solution, Chemical Guys creates a product for shallow scratches. They also offer a more abrasive product for deep scratch removal.



Hand Polish

This process requires time and effort to complete by hand. However, if you are unfamiliar with a buffer, this is the best option to choose. It still helps eliminate scratches and swirls and allows you to control the compound. Choose a less abrasive solution, unless you have performed a polish in the past. The best way to polish a car by hand is to select the highest-quality product based on your vehicle. This allows you to achieve the desired results and remove any scratches/swirls.


You only need a couple items to complete the hand application. Make sure you have microfiber towels and a few applicator pads. As with waxing and most other applications, work in small sections and apply with small circular motions. Make sure to wipe up any leftover residue from the exterior with a microfiber towel.


Car Polisher

Familiarize yourself with the proper method for using a machine. Utilizing a buffer to polish a car requires someone with experience because if used improperly it can damage the paint. The best way to polish a car with a machine is to use low-medium settings and apply light pressure.


There are two different types of machines – rotary buffer and dual action polisher. The rotary buffer is best used for deep scratches but must be kept in motion to avoid burning the paint. This type of machine should be used by a professional or someone with experience. A dual action polisher works on surface scratches and swirls. Inexperienced car owners should utilize a polisher to avoid damaging the exterior.


If you would prefer a professional to remove damage from your exterior, consider DetailXPerts. This mobile auto eco spa specializes in detailing, as well as, specialty services like waxing and polishing. Their highly-trained technicians can polish the scratches out of your paint to improve the appearance of your vehicle. Schedule an appointment today to treat your car!


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