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Automobile Detailing: Advanced Drying Technologies

Automobile Detailing: Advanced Drying Technologies

Drying the car quickly after a thorough wash is the ultimate but least favored part of car detailing. After cleaning the vehicle for an hour or so, it takes about 15-20 minutes more for the car to dry completely and be ready for a drive. For car owners like yourself, a dried car is a cleaner car. But after the hard work of washing and cleaning the vehicle earlier for an hour or so, we sometimes attempt to skip the process or prefer to dry their vehicle naturally in sunlight and air.

Water Spots

This definitely is not a good idea since the automobile is always susceptible to mineral rust and paint damage. It is a serious problem in the conventional drying method. It also happens if you use the inefficient and poor quality drying equipments. Some professional detailers, however, use electric dryers to wipe out any water droplets from the cleaned vehicle for better result. In either case, there is always a concern of leaving watermarks on hoods and windshields which everyone will notice and smirk. Therefore, advice would be – never skip drying. Use advanced drying methods to give your car a brand new look.

Drying the vehicle after washing is always necessary to prevent these water spots from sticking to the beautifully cleaned exterior of the automobile. Mineral deposits that etch the outline of the water drops into the vehicles’ paint cause these water spots. All water, whether from the hose or from the sky, has minerals. As the water evaporates, the minerals remain on the surface and they eventually create annoying spots everywhere to spoil the beauty of the car. In addition, they can damage the paint due to the chemical reaction induced by the water minerals. Advanced drying technology with ultramodern tools, helps solve this problem and saves time as well as money. In addition, if the method is of steam drying, result is beyond imagination.

Drying Tools

You can dry the car in many ways using different techniques, but make sure you do it quickly after the wash. There are many drying tools, both conventional and modern, in use today. Conventional ones, such as chamois, squeegee, terry cloth, home towels, microfiber towels, etc., are inexpensive and do not require electricity. The automobile owners use these tools for drying their cars at home. Water blades, air dryers, steam dryers and IR dryers are the modern equipments used to dry the vehicles in quick time by the professional detailing services all around.
Advanced Drying Technologies_Microfiber cloth
The commonly found terry cloth is widely used as a conventional tool of drying the vehicles. However, its fibers can become matted and hard after repeated use. They shed lint and increase the chance of swirls on the exterior of the vehicle. Similarly, it is not advisable to use bath towels for drying that have been discarded from the house. These traditional home dryers, however, are in use for a long time, but can cause damage to the vehicle’s paint easily by inducing scratches. Instead, it is better to use a genuine chamois if it is made up of 100% leather. Its luxurious texture gives pleasure while drying. Professional detailing experts advice not to continue it for long to safeguard the car’s exterior finish.

A large microfiber towel manufactured with a waffle-weave texture is another addition to the detailing tools nowadays and is easier, safer and quicker method to dry the washed vehicle. They clean and dry the car’s glasses and mirrors without streaks. Microfiber is also more absorbent than terry cloth or chamois, and lasts longer. It is one of the preferred drying tools by the professional detailers and home cleaners alike.

Water blades, steam dryers or IR dryers

give better result of drying a car at home or in the professional detailing services around. Water blades remove water from the washed surface of the car in quick time. This is a newly introduced, inexpensive and advanced “paint-safe” squeegee for the home as well as professional detailing services. It pulls more than 80% of the water off the surface of the automobile in just a single stroke. However, it takes another wiping with soft towel to remove the remnant of water spots completely from the car’s surface. Steam dryers and IR dryers, however, are the most advanced equipments of drying the car today. IR dryers are a bit expensive and inconvenient to handle. Advanced Drying Technology_WaterbladeTherefore, steam dryers are effectively used by mobile detailing units for faster and thorough drying capabilities in minutes. In addition, they remove the remnant of water spots completely from the car’s surface and give it a clean, transparent and shiny look worth to see again and again.

You can dry your vehicle in a variety of ways, but you want to make sure you do it quickly. Make sure to visit a professional detailing services provider from time to time for a better looking vehicle.


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