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How Is Steam Cleaning for Cars Helping the Planet?

How Is Steam Cleaning for Cars Helping the Planet?

As individuals, we live life in pursuit of our personal goals in the professional, family and social realms. And with the advent of computers and the information technology era, we are able to do so at breakneck speeds. However, there always comes a time when we need to pause and think for a minute about life on a larger scale. Planet-large scale. How do our personal choices affect it? What can we do to be(come) of help? Let us explore this topic further and see if and how steam cleaning for cars fits in.

No Man’s an Island

The saying refers to how we, as humans, need to interact socially to thrive. In fact, no person’s an island either when it comes to the consumption of earthly resources such as land and its usage, minerals, water, plants, livestock, etc. Planet Earth is in itself a very large eco-system: what we do and consume, ripple through and leave indelible harmful marks and footprints down the various chains in the system.

What Car Owners Should Know

Let us take a simple example in support of the previous statement – the Sunday DIY car wash that you sometimes do in your driveway. Studies show that even when done cautiously, a 6-minute wash and rinse will use up to 60 gallons of water. On the other hand, the more lax individual who allows water to run freely will use no less than 150 gallons in the process! We agree: what a lot of waste!

Factor in the oil, grease, and other similar solids (not to mention toxic car-wash detergents or soaps used in the process) and you will have run-off into the local waterways that impact not just the water quality, but also marine life that usually thrives in them. These detergents often ruin the external mucus layers of fish, leaving them highly prone to bacteria infection and parasites. Even their gills are damaged, causing them difficult, if not impossible, respiration. Sadly, it takes very little of those pollutants to cause these repercussions.

What if there are more organic cleaning systems, will you come on board to try them out?

How Steam Cleaning for Cars Fits in

Better and more organic cleaning solutions are, in fact, available.

Professional car wash and detailing outlets use less water than DIY-ers. Additionally, it is part of their obligations to treat or recycle the wastewater before discharging it. However, there are other concerns. For example, the bio-degradable nature of products and materials as well as the electricity consumed for washing vehicles.

Fortunately, we now have more innovative methods available to upkeep vehicles’ looks without the excessive waste of water and electricity and the pollution from toxic products. Steam cleaning for cars enters the scene! It is among the latest and most sustainable ways to detail vehicles inside and out. Rather than by the gallons, steam cleaning for cars uses just over a pint of water for an average-sized sedan. Not only does it conserve water, but it also cleans to perfection. And since steam is so powerful, it hardly needs any additional products to remove dirt and grime. In the occasion of a stubborn spot, some eco-friendly car wash products may be applied.

Yes, steam cleaning for cars is an excellent choice for your vehicle. The service gives you immaculate results and a perfectly clean automobile. Plus, it leaves minimal footprint to the local water supply with its marine and aquatic life. In fact, steam cleaning for cars contributes to the well-being of our planet as a whole!

If you are ready to try steam cleaning for cars, schedule an appointment with us! You will be amazed by our professional detailers and their skills!

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