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What Car Wax to Use: 7 Factors to Consider When Deciding

What Car Wax to Use 7 Factors to Consider

What Car Wax to Use: 7 Factors to Consider When Deciding

Nowadays, there are lots of car waxes available in the market, from famous brands to organics to the most economical ones. So, what car wax to use for your prized possession? Which one can give your vehicle the maximum protection and shiniest finish it deserves? Read on and find out.

7 Factors to Consider When Deciding What Car Wax to Use

1. Exposure to Sunlight

Car owners living in hot and sunny locations should consider waxes that have high UV protection and high melting point. It’s because cars that have more exposure to direct sunlight will suffer from color fading due to the natural bleaching effect of the sun’s UV rays.

The car’s clear coat doesn’t protect well against sunlight, so a protective wax is a must. Although natural wax-based products are also ideal due to their high melting points, we recommend using a synthetic formulation like Meguiar’s NXT Generation Tech Wax which provides superior UV protection and protection from oxidation.

2. Black Paint or Dark Color

Scratches and swirl marks are more noticeable on cars with a darker color. Look for waxes that have low abrasive properties and are safe to use on clear coat finishes.

The wrong kind of wax can dull your dark-colored car’s finish due to the presence of very fine lines or scratches. We recommend buying a soft paste finishing car wax with a black or dark pigmentation like Meguiar’s G6207 Black Wax. The dark color will leave fewer swirl marks in comparison with white colored waxes.

3. White Paint or Light Color

The challenge with white, silver, and light colored cars is how to have and maintain a gleaming, wet look finish. Unlike dark-colored vehicles, swirl marks are less visible on light-colored cars but their presence will, of course, lessen the car’s sheen.

The objective here is to get a mirror-like finish that accentuates the light color of your car. You can use a wax, specifically made for light-colored paint like Dodo Juice Diamond White. It is carnauba-based and formulated for white, silver, and light colored vehicles.

4. Car’s Age

If you are still driving your beloved 70’s macho machine, then your car will need a year-round wax treatment. Factory applied clear coating is a fairly recent advancement, so most cars from the pre-1980’s have no clear coat. This exposes your car to environmental damages and discoloration from contaminants like bird droppings or tree sap.

If this is your case, we recommend you to use a harder paste wax that lasts longer like the P21S Carnauba Wax. In the absence of a clear coat, the wax will act as an additional protection from contaminants and light scratches.

5. Frequency of Use

An everyday vehicle needs a car wax that cleans and prevents accumulation of dirt and paint contaminants. You would want something that you can apply every Saturday morning and be ready to drive again at noon.

For everyday cars, we recommend using liquid waxes like Meguiars Ultimate Liquid Wax. It is easy to apply and dries quickly. It spreads easily and the polymer-based liquid acts as a cleaning agent providing your car with a fresh clean look.

6. Boat

Like cars, boats also need wax treatment to protect their paint from environmental damage and contaminants. Aside from the usual UV protection, reducing oxidation and glossy finish, provided by car waxes, boats need protection from salt water that can easily degrade paint and accelerate rusting.

We recommend using a marine wax like 3M Marine Wax which can be applied on fiberglass gel coats, aluminum, metal, and topside paints. The marine wax is also an effective water repellent and keeps the paint protected from harsh open ocean sunlight.

7. RV or Mobile Home

Like boats, we build and use RVs and mobile homes to explore nature and be outdoors. When looking for a car wax for your RV or mobile home, consider one that is easy to apply (because of the large area to be treated). The wax should also be effective in repelling water and protecting against UV rays.

A marine wax is also something to consider for RVs or mobile homes. Why? Because both are expected to get more exposure to the elements. Additionally, manufacturers use almost the same materials for both. The Meguiar’s M6332 is an easy-to-apply liquid wax that can be applied on fiberglass, aluminum, and metal. The polymer elements provide extra protection from UV rays and prevent paint oxidation.

Although any top car wax can provide the basic protection needed by any vehicle, it is better to use a wax that’s specifically designed and formulated for yours. Now, if you’d rather not bother yourself with what car wax to use, schedule an appointment for our Presidential Detail. We will have your car cleaned, waxed and detailed  by experts.

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