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Use Your Car Wash Facebook Page to Be Part of the Conversation

Use Your Car Wash Facebook Page to Be Part of the Conversation

Your car wash Facebook Page is an empowering social media platform that gives your business a human face. As the online central hub for your public relations and marketing efforts, it is second to none. You now have a dynamic stage from where you can grow your community of fans, followers and new prospects aligned with your car wash business. To keep the community energized, you want to encourage them to ‘gather and mingle’, tap into the voice of your brand and its offerings as well as help get the word out about it.

Your Car Wash Facebook Page: Bridging the Gap Between You and Your Customers

The Human Touch and Your Car Wash Facebook Page

Consumers do not like dealing with answering machines and entities without faces. They react much better if there are social elements to their experience with your business. This hub represents that human factor that is concerned with meeting their needs and wants by posting tips, suggestions and responses to their questions. It is equivalent to that special one-to-one or many-to-many connection with friends or acquaintances. And, naturally when friends share or recommend a product or a service, their friends will get wind of it and before you know it, they will end up buying it too.

Anywhere, Anytime and Cheap

With computers, smart phones and tablets, your target audiences do not need to be at your store to directly engage with your business. Instead, they can reach you 24-7, from virtually anywhere and cheaply too. All parties can have chats or discussions on topics related to your business at their mutual convenience. And if the topic is hot, your followers will like, love, recommend and even share your posts. In the process, your page will attract new fans.

Specials on Your Car Wash Facebook page

You can also launch a spectrum of promotions, events and other campaigns. You may, for example, develop a promotion that offers a “10% off for every 10 check-ins” that is integrated with the location-based social media software, Foursquare, which allows users to check-in at your premises or tag your location via their smart devices. Not only does it get foot traffic to your store, it increases the visibility of your brand to the communities in both Facebook and Foursquare!

To resonate well with your audiences, ensure that you keep your car wash Facebook page display, postings, campaigns and conversations genuine and of excellent quality. You will have better chances of attracting new fans that have a high possibility of becoming your customers.


Facebook is a phenomenal and novel way to be part of the conversation with your target audiences. It has no geographical borders, has a huge database of users and best of all, the service is free.  So, let’s get talking – find us and  join us on Facebook today!

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