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How Profitable Is a Mobile Truck Wash Franchise?

Mobile Truck Wash Franchise How Profitable It Is

How Profitable Is a Mobile Truck Wash Franchise?

Experts agree that the mobile truck wash franchise business, along with other mobile businesses, are one of the best business choices for start-ups.  This is because mobile businesses can answer the needs of the “on-demand economy” which has revolutionized consumer behavior.

According to an article by the Business Insider, “Consumer behavior is changing. Immediate access to messaging, e-mail, media, and other online functionality through smartphones has generated a sense of entitlement to fast, simple, and efficient experiences.” present the same point. By The article says, “An increasingly popular type of small business is gaining traction as a growing number of service providers and retailers realize the value of taking their products and services on the road.” 

All of these point to a growing need for services to be available where customers need them. Truck wash services, included! Thus, mobile truck wash services come as a necessity. The great demand and fairly low competition can spell out high profitability.

If you’re someone who already has a car wash and looking to expand your business, a mobile truck wash franchise is the way to go. How profitable is it? Why would it be the best choice for you? Read what the business community and various researches have to say about the profitability of mobile truck wash franchise.

Mobile Truck Wash: In Demand

According to “It’s all about mobile for 2014. The importance of mobile technology in franchising can’t be overstated. Today’s franchisees need to have access to their businesses when they’re not on-site. Franchisors need to make sure that their corporate websites are optimized for mobile viewing. So their future clients, customers and prospective franchisees will stay engaged long enough to get information and take action. This simply means that the demand for mobile services, for services to be on the go, most especially to franchise services in various industries is continuously rising. This includes the vehicle detailing business industry. The reasons to offer mobile truck wash services are endless.

The Average Income of a Mobile Truck Wash

Honestly, how profitable is a mobile truck wash franchise? Since the mobile truck wash industry is relatively new, there hasn’t been a lot of case studies and surveys done about it. Moreover, there are very few figures about the truck wash franchise industry. But let’s take a look at franchising and the truck wash industry separately and put two and two together.

According to An Investigative Report on Franchise Profits, an article from,  a large survey by the research firm Franchise Business Review reveals that the average franchisee across the spectrum earns a profit of $66,000 annually. Meanwhile, the figures for the mobile truck wash business vary per source. Meanwhile, an article in mentioned the job site Simply Hired in its statement that the average annual income or profit for a mobile detail unit owner was $50,000 as of 2013., on the other hand, said in an article that an income of $100 a day for a truck wash is a conservative estimate.

If you have a truck wash and offer detailing on the side, you can definitely expect high profit. It can go higher, depending on how busy you keep your truck wash daily. Let’s say you charge $15 for basic exterior and interior truck wash. If you wash 5 trucks a day and complete 3 full truck detailing at $100 each, you stand to earn $375 at the end of the day. That’s more than $2,500 a week! Of course, you may not get 3 full detailing jobs everyday but you’ll be sure to get paint touch-up jobs or engine detailing. The other detailing services can make up for it.

The numbers from the different sources may vary, but they all agree on one thing. The incoming cash flow in a mobile truck wash business is high. Putting two and two together, an annual revenue of anywhere between $66,000 and $85,000 is a pretty good estimate for a mobile truck wash.

Why Мobile Truck Wash Franchise?

The numbers speak. With a mobile truck wash, the profits will keep coming in. Of course like any business, it requires hard work and careful planning.  You have to look at the many details of your truck wash business. You have to understand your market, and your products and services. Create a business plan and strategize. An easy and sure way to get into the truck wash business is to sign up with a company that offers a mobile truck wash franchise. points out in their article, How to Start a Truck Washing & Cleaning Business, your odds of thriving in your new business go up significantly when you choose to franchise instead of doing it all on your own. With a truck wash franchise, you have security in your franchisor’s experience and expertise. You would already be assured of a proven business model and a system to make it work. You would be able to use a recognized brand name and have people to help you grow and succeed.

Conclusion says: “Comparing the payment of: (1) an up-front fee to buy into the support, reputation, and track record of a franchise system with (2) the research, development, and startup costs involved in creating your own, independent business, the odds of survival clearly favor franchisees. As the truism says, franchising is about being in business “for yourself, not by yourself.”

Truly, the mobile truck wash franchise is offering a lot of opportunities for newbies and seasoned business enthusiasts alike. The statistics, even the forecasts of business experts all look at truck wash services with optimism. Check out a grand opportunity to work with the best in truck wash and auto detailing services. Discover the DetailXPerts franchise opportunity!


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