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Mobile Detailing: How to Expand Your Business and Car Wash

Mobile Detailing: How to Expand Your Business and Car Wash

If you are the owner of a successful car wash company, a natural step you will consider is how to expand your business. One of the best ways to mark the success of your car wash is by growing the company. By following these three general guidelines, you can effectively implement the changes you would like within your company and create positive growth opportunities for your future:

Make a Plan on How to Expand Your Business

Even though you should already have a business plan for your original start-up car wash company, this document is supposed to evolve with you. As your company grows and blossoms, so too should your business plan. What are the expansions you are looking to make? Would you like to open a new location? Would you like to offer more services? Whatever the case may be, coming up with an actionable plan with a hypothesized timeline will keep you focused and on track.


Once your business plan is complete, it is time to take the steps towards implementation. For most business owners, the next step here will be to procure financial advice and assistance. Generally speaking, when you are attempting to grow your company, you will usually want a large sum of money to invest into the expansion. Depending on what your expansion includes, some of the activities you may expect to undertake are training new staff, hiring contractors, and overseeing the entire expansion.


So, you have put all this thought, time and energy into your new car wash expansion. What now? It is time to get the word out that your company has grown. If you are not an active member of your community yet, start there.

Offer promotions and discounts in honor of your new expansion. Advertise these new and exciting changes on your website and social media pages. Use the old fashioned marketing techniques by posting flyers, posters and other mail based promotions. It is very important to ensure that your existing and potential customers are aware of your changes. Expansion can sometimes leave a temporary hole in your pocket, the goal is to keep your customers engaged and informed so that we can fill it back up.

When It Comes to Expanding Your Car Wash Company, the Opportunities Are Endless

Whether you are moving to a new location, opening another location in a new area, or offering new products and services, by making sure that you have a reasonable plan, focused implementation and quality promotion, your expansion is certain to be a success.

DetailXPerts Is Expanding!

If you are wondering how to expand your business and become part of the eco-friendly DetailXPerts team, check out the DetailXPerts Franchise Opportunity page!


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