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Detailing Business seen through the Car Wash Industry Statistics

car wash industry statistics

Detailing Business seen through the Car Wash Industry Statistics

No matter how poorly the economy has been for the past 10 years, the car wash industry statistics are good. The majority of us rely on our vehicles to run our lives – personal, professional and business-wise. In 2009, the US Bureau of Transit Statistics put the numbers at 246 million. From a car wash angle, that is a lot of cars that someone need to wash on a monthly basis, and even more if on a bi-weekly basis.

The Car Wash Industry Statistics Today

According to the International Car Wash Association estimates the car wash and auto detailing industry is valued at about $24 billion. This is represented by close to 13,000 businesses, and, its 50 largest players carry just 15 per cent of the market. This translates into nuggets of opportunities for prospective small business owners.

The car wash industry did not go through our recent economic crises without loses. But it is definitely coming back stronger for many reasons. For the next 5 years, consumers’ disposable income will rise. As a result, their discretionary spending on items like car washing and detailing are very likely to increase. At least this is what the car wash industry statistics is showing now.

In terms of the new car purchases, while there is a drop in the sales of large vehicles, their small to medium sized cousins are posting upbeat positive numbers.

For Car Wash and Auto Detailing Business with an Environmental Friendly Edge, the Future Looks Even Brighter.

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The public’s awareness of the importance of conserving water, the need for proper wastewater management and the unseen yet harmful effects of chemical detergents is increasing. This way they will opt less for residential car washing as it uses up to two thirds or even more water than the professional service providers.

What Makes Detailing Business a Lucrative Opportunity

The car wash industry statistics looks conducive for this type of business but more important is what makes it a lucrative opportunity at the bottom line.

Let’s suppose you charge $180 for each detailing job that comes your way.  You do a conservative 5 cars each week. In total, that will be $900 or $46,800. Now factor in some value added services such as minor repairs; swirl, mold or stain removal. Also tire dressing, carpet shampoo, etc. for say, 1 of those 5 vehicles, for an all-in price of $400. The numbers will now ring in at $58,240 in gross revenue. Not bad at all for working on just 5 vehicles each week.

The car wash industry statistics show a progressive climb. If your business is now a new one and you offer good quality of services, the volume of business you will attract is bigger. Moreover it will be easier to grow and capitalize on this hard-to-miss lucrative opportunity.

Learn more about how lucrative the car wash franchise opportunity can be!

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