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Tire Pressure: Why You Should Check It for Your Clients

Tire Pressure Why You Should Check It for Your Clients

Tire Pressure: Why You Should Check It for Your Clients

A good detailing company knows that a huge part of its success lies behind the customers it serves. These are the people who have become regular clients come rain, snow or shine, with or without coupons. They have come to love the superiority of a company’s detailing services and its remarkable customer services that provide them with satisfaction. One of such services is  to check tire pressure of clients’ vehicles.

Why Check the Tire Pressure?

Conducting a regular check on the tire pressure and balance of a client’s vehicle is a maintenance essential that every detailing company should employ. Why? Studies show that tire-related issues constitute 5% of the total car accidents in the US alone. Therefore, checking the tire pressure of your clients’ vehicles is synonymous to ensuring their safety and comfort

Try to educate your clients on the recommended tire pressure for their vehicles as well. Some of them, presumably from reading from various sources (books, blog posts, etc.), over inflate their tires thinking that doing so will decrease their fuel consumption. Others, on the other hand, decrease their tire pressure because they find that doing so gives them a smoother ride.

Tell them that following the recommended tire pressure (which they can find in their owner’s manual or tire placard) is what they really need to do in order to save fuel, have a more comfortable ride and prolong the use of their tires as well.

What Will You Get from Checking the Tire Pressure of Your Client’s Vehicle?

For a car wash owner, adding business amenities like checking the tire pressure is very good for your company. Doing so may seem like wasting your time and effort on doing something that is beyond your job as a detailer, but in reality, you will be gaining from it far more than you ever imagined.

Picture this: You check a client’s tire pressure and recommend an increase or decrease in pressure depending on your client’s vehicle specifications. The client, seeing your concern for his comfort and safety will naturally feel special and well cared for. That is a huge plus for customer service. In his eyes, you are the hero who saves the day, worthy of his loyalty. And as one saying goes, when you make your clients happy, they tell their friends about your awesomeness. Translation: You will have loyal customers who will bring you more clients until you have more than enough customers who will stay with you rain or shine, coupons or no coupons.

And since you have already done a good job at checking the tire pressure and balance of your client’s car, why not take his tires to the next level? Offer to detail his tires with the best tire dressing in your shop. Tell him how much greater his tire would look like, and how such auto detailing supplies can protect and prolong the life of his tires, enabling him to save more cash and the environment as well.

Without a doubt, your clients will schedule an appointment with you on a regular basis. Now, that is what we call very, very good business.

Would you like to learn more about tire pressure or other car care tips? Are you thinking of getting a car wash franchise? Then please visit us at We have a lot of valuable information that you can truly benefit from.


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