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The Pros and Cons of Watching Car Detailing Videos

The Pros and Cons of Watching Car Detailing Videos

The Pros and Cons of Watching Car Detailing Videos

Given the choice, would you rather read an article on car detailing or watch a video? Videos are often more popular because they are more engaging and less time consuming. For professional detailers, videos are a marketing tool and for car enthusiasts, they are educational and thus beneficial. But not all engaging videos will give you the right information. It is easy to be misled by brand names and labels and sometimes even by self-proclaimed car detailing experts. Learn the pros and cons of watching car detailing videos below.

Pros of watching car detailing videos

1. Learn new tips and tricks – Car detailing videos can be a good source of  information, especially How-To videos. You can learn to repair paint chips, wax the paint, polish the bumper, clean the vents, detail the tires, and a hundred more things. When you are pressed for time, or a not a big fan of reading, a video can really come to your rescue.

2. Product reviews – How can you detail a car without the right products? Product reviews are an important area of car detailing videos. These reviews can come from both professionals and car owners who have tested the product. They can give you a detailed understanding of the contents of the product, whether it is safe to use, what precautions you should exercise and if they are actually effective.

3. Watch the pros in action – Car detailing videos by professionals can not only give you useful tips, but also an understanding of what professional detailing is really about. In fact, after watching a professional car detailing video, you will probably decide to take your car to a professional service instead of trying your hand at detailing – which can be the right choice in cases where DIY simply does not cut it. This is a marketing strategy, but it can also save you from making matters worse.

Cons of watching car detailing videos

1. Reliability – Not all car detailing videos will give you the right information, so do your research before you think of taking the advice of the first video you watch. There can be videos that use the wrong products and incorrect techniques. Think twice, especially when you watch car detailing videos by amateur detailers. They can give you good information, but remember that they are still learning.The Pros and Cons of Watching Car Detailing Videos - May mislead you

2. Not as easy as it looks – A video can make detailing look really easy, but in reality anyone who has tested the directions given by how-to videos knows that car detailing is not that simple. It requires patience, care, knowledge and skill and the professionals in those car detailing videos have mastered all these criteria. Therefore, it is easy to be misled by videos that unintentionally downplay the difficulty of car detailing.

3. They can mislead you – Car detailing is an industry and there can be many unscrupulous detailers out there who want to exploit your enthusiasm for watching car detailing videos. These people will try to lure you into testing their products and services by the use of flashy content and false testimony. Our advice to you is don’t believe everything you watch.

The popularity of car detailing videos is escalating fast, and while they can sometimes be helpful and informative, their quality should not always be taken at face value.

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