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What Should Seniors Look for in a Car Detailing Service?

What Should Seniors Look for in a Car Detailing Service?

What Should Seniors Look for in a Car Detailing Service?

A well-detailed car is a happy car. A happy car will give you its best appearance and performance, making your investment well worth it. You can always do your own detailing provided that you have the right products, proper knowledge and skill. Does it sound like too much of a hassle? Then why not go for a professional car detailing service? But not all car wash services are right for you. The following list of requirements will help you make an informed choice.

What is the right car detailing service for you?

1. Should you base your decision on promotional material?

No! Promotional material can sometimes misrepresent the service and thereby mislead you. The word around the block can be a pretty good yardstick to measure the performance of a professional service. Learn whether you would get a service that is worth your time and money. Glossy brochures and flashy ads won’t tell you this. If you want proof from the car detailing service itself, don’t be afraid go there and question them. If the service is authentic they will be more than happy to clear up your doubts.

2. Cheap vs. high end

Cheap car washes no doubt have their uses, but a quick and inexpensive clean up is not always the best. Depending on your car’s model and make, a high end car wash might be better equipped to take care of all your car detailing needs. Is saving money worth the risk of having damage done to your car? But remember you don’t want to over pay anyone either. Make sure you weigh your options before you make a decision. There is always a chance that you’ll be able to find a car wash that is reasonably priced with an excellent track record. Also, most car detailing services offer senior citizens discounts, promotions, or even special services just for you, such as picking up your car from your home. So make sure you keep an eye out for those as well.

3. Should you go for a green car wash?

Definitely! A green car wash is good for the car, for you and for the environment. You don’t want harsh chemical residue on your car that can harm you. Why not look out for the environment at the same time? Steam cleaning is a great detailing method that you should experience. You may have used steam around your home to remove stains from a carpet – that same process is used on your car to give it a detailing job like no other.

4. Mobile detailing service

What is better than having the professional detailer come to you? Car detailing at the comfort of your own home is an up and coming car wash trend. However, mobile detailing is a little more expensive than taking your car to a car wash, but choosing a service that offers this service can come in handy when you least expect it.

5. Specialty detailing services

A car wash will offer specialty detailing services to take the regular detailing job that extra mile. If you feel like treating your car to air sanitation, mold removal or window tinting, then the car wash of your choice should be ready to offer you these services. So make sure you add these to the list of requirements.

Choosing a professional car detailing service is not an easy task, but if you follow these guidelines there is no way you could go wrong. If you already use a detailing service, don’t hesitate to measure it against these guidelines. Remember, you don’t miss what you don’t know. If any of this information is new to you, don’t be afraid to question your current detailer.

At the DetailXPerts eco-auto car wash we give you our best for a reasonable price. Schedule an appointment with us now to experience authentic, professional detailing. We will also be writing a series of posts specifically for senior citizens, so don’t forget to read our blog regularly to learn valuable car wash information.

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