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How to Choose the Right Professional Detailer for You

How to Choose the Right Professional Detailer for You



There are many cases in which an individual simply does not have the time or energy to get their car back into proper shape.  A professional detailer is an individual or business who performs detailing services and is licensed to be in business, properly insured and in compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

Professional detailers are educated about paint finishes, automotive upholstery, and the other components that make up a vehicle. They understand what causes these materials to deteriorate over time and what to do about it. They understand the chemistry and science behind the detailing process they perform.

Contracting the right car specialist isn’t an easy task.

Many call themselves professionals but do not adhere to industry standards and lack customer commitment. A vehicle is the second largest investment for most people therefore you do not want amateurs performing work on it. You want a true professional. Your car care guardian should be committed to customer satisfaction, education and be a superior craftsman.

Check out these 6 tips how to choose the right professional detailer:

  • Get informed about different professional detailers. There are a lot of professional detailers that just learn the basics and the lingo of things that should and should not be done to your vehicle, but really do not have a clue.
  • Find a detailer with a proven track record. Professional detailers should have been in (full-time) business for at least one year. You should obtain references from three recent clients and check them. If they are unwilling to provide any – stay clear. A true professional has excellent references and is more than willing to provide them upon request.
  • Make sure they are legitimate. They should have a business license and insurance with limits that will cover your vehicle.
  • Professionalism is important. This means that they do not show up to the job site late, do not complete the car late, leave the heater on, leave your music system on, and don’t dress inappropriately for the job. When you trust the second-largest investment you possess with a stranger, all of us do expect a particular level of professionalism and trust.
  • Is the detailer well organized?
  • Make a decision! It’s not time to make an intelligent decision based on your knowledge. Remember, basing your decision on pricing alone is not enough. In general pricing reflect the quality of work.

To make the right choice, make sure you ask your future professional detailer the following questions:

  1. How long have you been in business?
  2. Can you show photographs of vehicles of some of your recent past work?
  3. Do you have testimonials that can attest to their skills?
  4. Are you familiar with my type of vehicle?
  5. Do you have options in the finish of interior surfaces? This also applies to tire dressing (Matte finish vs. Satin finish vs. Gloss finish)
  6. What detailing products do you use (known brand names are preferable).
  7. How long have you been in business?
  8. What are the difference between their services and their competitors?

There is an art to detailing a car or truck. A bad detail can do more harm than good to your vehicle if you’re not careful. Delivering a clear car is what you expect after your vehicle has been detailed. Offering it using a professional’s touch and great customer care is exactly what will make you truly happy with your experience. So, there are a lot of things to think about beyond the quality of the detailer’s work.

Choose a professional detailer who has an excellent reputation online and off-line before you make a choice.

And if they satisfy you, be sure to be loyal to them in exchange.  DetailXPerts has the training, skills, and professional products required to provide our clients with the best detailing services possible. Our number one goal is client retention through client satisfaction.


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