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Summer Car Care Made Easy

summer car care

Summer Car Care Made Easy

DetailXPerts is your first stop for summer car care. Road trip plans? We can keep your vehicle clean and on the go.


There are fun times ahead. According to a recent consumer behavior trend report, around 85% of American adults are planning to travel this summer with people taking more vacation time than in 2021. Furthermore, driving in their own vehicles is the preferred mode of transport for getting to their summer vacation destination.


If you’re gearing up for an adventure and traveling by car this summer, be mindful of the seasonal conditions. High temperatures, hot roads and dusty driving conditions can all take a toll on your vehicle. However, professional car care in summer will refresh your ride and may even help to avoid a breakdown.


Your Guide to Summer Car Maintenance

You have a suitcase to pack. There is also the itinerary to plan. Going on a summer vacation usually comes with a long to-do-list. It is understandable if summer car maintenance isn’t high on the list of priorities. However, DetailXPerts are here to help you out. Our skilled technicians will steam clean and detail your vehicle, freeing up your time to organize your road trip. Our summer car maintenance schedule includes the following:

summer car care

Clean and Sanitize Car Interior

Keep your car as clean as possible if you are taking longer car trips during the hotter months. This helps to keep your car looking and smelling fresh. Otherwise, food and drink spillages on car seats or carpets, crumbs and food wrappers will attract bacteria and mold. If you park in direct sunlight the high temperature inside your vehicle will exacerbate this problem.


The skilled technicians at DetailXPerts guarantee complete car sanitization thanks to their advanced steam cleaning equipment. They will deep clean your car seats, carpets and the rest of your car interior using specialized steam equipment and eco-friendly products. Using the high temperature of steam to kill bacteria and germs will transform the interior of your car into a healthier, odor-free space.


Steam Clean AC to Get Rid of Stale Odors

Dirty air filters in car air conditioners will also create bad odors. Therefore, summer car maintenance includes cleaning your AC regularly during the warmer summer months.


The high temperature of steam is perfectly safe for sanitizing AC vents. As well as eliminating stale, unpleasant smells, steam cleaning your AC helps it run more efficiently and may even prevent the need for costly repairs. You will want to make sure your AC is performing at its best in summer to ensure the comfort of a cool and pleasant car interior for your journeys. DetailXPerts car interior cleaning tips can also help you prepare for your vacation.


Car Exterior Clean to Remove Road Dust

Road dust created by prolonged dry spells in summertime will create problems for your car if the dust builds up over the summer months. Fine dust, dirt and sand will dull the appearance of car paintwork. Furthermore, the rough edges of road dirt particles may potentially damage paintwork. Here are some ways DetailXPerts help with its professional exterior car detailing:


  • Exterior steam cleaning removes dust and dirt without damaging the paintwork
  • Removing tar and bug deposits
  • Steam restores the showroom shine to your car
  • Cleaning windows without streaking
  • Swirl mark removal


As well as steam cleaning the paintwork, you can also schedule waxing your car and polishing to restore the shine. However, you may need more than an exterior clean if your car is showing signs of paint oxidation, see below.


Oxidation Prevention

What causes paint oxidation? The sun’s powerful UV rays can affect your car paintwork, making it look dull and faded. However, regular summer car maintenance takes preventative measures to protect your car from signs of oxidation damage. If the damage has already started, leave it to our skilled technicians to clean and restore the shine to paintwork. Another option for oxidized bodywork is paint correction.


Also, a simple summer car care tip: where possible, park your car in the shade or use a car cover if it is going to be parked for any length of time directly in strong sunlight. A reflective sunshade that fits inside the windshield will also help to reduce interior temperatures.


Clean Windshield and Windows

Hot air carrying dust and dirt can also quickly create a dirty film across your windshield and car windows. Even if you use a windshield wash, you’re still left with the problem of road grime gathering above and below the arc of your wiper blades. The dust and dirt may also smear and this will create flare in sunlight reducing visibility. Professional detailing will clean your windshield and windows without leaving behind streak marks.


As well as cleaning your windshield and windows, DetailXPerts also make sure your vehicle is topped up with a good windshield washer fluid. This will ensure you have good visibility on the road for safer driving.



Summer Car Maintenance Includes Changing Your Oil and Filter

If you’re out and about more in your car during the summer months, keep an eye on your vehicle’s oil and coolant levels. Change your oil and replace filter every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. The oil filter helps to keep contaminants from entering your engine while the coolant filter helps prevent overheated engines. You also need to be sure you are using the correct type of coolant for your car.


Steam Clean Engine for Summer

Professional engine cleaning is great preparation for a road trip. DetailXPerts uses steam cleaning technology to deep clean without damaging or interfering with the electrical components. Steam cuts through thick grease, oil and any grime that builds up under the hood.


A common cause of engines overheating in the summertime is usually a leak in the cooling system. However, regular engine cleaning is a great opportunity to check the radiator, head gaskets, hoses, water pumps and so on. Speak to one of our technicians if you want to know how to effectively manage your summer car maintenance schedule.


Summer Car Care for Wheels and Tires

Check out our steam detailing specialty services for rim and wheel shine. It is also important to look after your tires. Roads become hotter when the temperatures soar in the summer months. Tires also heat up on a journey due to friction. As a result, excessive heat can cause an increase in tire pressure. This could lead to a heat-related tire blowout. Check your tire pressures to make sure they meet the recommended PSI mark. Also, look for any unusual wear or damage such as a crack or split in the sidewall.


Additionally, if you live in a state that experiences a lot of intense summer weather, such as Florida or Texas, you should consider rotating your tires from left to right each season as they may wear differently as the weather changes. This can also help prevent uneven wear and extend the life of your tires.

RV Detailing

Before you take off on your summer adventure, why not schedule an appointment for RV detailing to DetailXPerts? This will get your prized vehicle in pristine shape for the road trip ahead. Cleaning your RV is a time-consuming job due to the size of the vehicle. Therefore, if you want to relax and hand the job over to the experts, we can help with the following:


  • Exterior clean including roof wash and wax treatment
  • Interior clean including sanitizing kitchen, bathroom and living areas
  • Clean and sterilize water system
  • Clean AC unit


Our RV summer car care package involves using steam and eco-friendly biodegradable cleaners to get the best finish. We can also check the health of your RV roof. If it is showing signs of wear and tear, you may need our help to refresh its coating and sealant.



Summer car care is going to make your vehicle look great. It will also enhance its performance. Whether you are going on a road trip, commuting, or simply planning to be out and about behind the wheel, make sure your car is in great shape for the hotter weather. It will make driving in summer so much more enjoyable.


To have your car or RV professionally detailed, simply schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts. Our technicians use steam clean technology and eco-friendly products to get the best results before you set off on your travels. We’ll also be here when you return. After a road trip, you may find your car needs another deep clean. We’re always happy to help.

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