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Mobile Car Care: Finding a Niche Target Market

Mobile Car Care: Finding a Niche Target Market

Mobile Car Care: Finding a Niche Target Market

All mobile car care proprietors know vehicle owners typically have their prized possessions cleaned in their backyard, at a golf course, a club or some other place where they can go about their business.

Because of this, mobile car care owners compete for the same customers. Wouldn’t it be great if you can find more vehicle owners with less competition?

And yes, there are niche target markets you can explore. Being a mobile car care owner, your services are needed by vehicle owners who need to get their rides cleaned but do not have the time to do it themselves.

So who are your would-be customers? Below are a few suggestions along with tips on how to reach them.

Niche Target Market for Mobile Car Care

1. Caravan Owners

You hardly see caravan owners using their ride to buy groceries, do you? And it’s very seldom that their owners take them to local car washes, even if they’re just a few blocks away. It’s because caravans are huge vehicles, making them difficult to navigate on city roads. Since caravans are seasonal recreational vehicles, your best bet to reach out to their owners are through print advertising in travel or lifestyle magazines.  If you have a car wash blog, you can connect to travel/lifestyle bloggers. These are the places where your would-be customers frequent in search of tips, freebies, etc.

2. Aircraft Owners

Aircraft are beautiful man-made flying machines, but it takes pains and professional skills to maintain their beauty and extend their use. If you have the required skills, equipment, tools and materials for cleaning these lovelies, you can grab their owners’ attention by advertising on aircraft magazines and travel and lifestyle magazines. You can also market your business online.

3. Food/Merchandise Truck Owners

These trucks, along with their trailers, need regular cleaning. However, not all of their owners have the time or the effort to do it themselves. To reach out to them, advertise in food magazines, truck magazines, and food equipment glossies. You can create a website, promote your services on different social media platforms, etc.

4. Amusement Park Owners

Amusement parks need to have their rides cleaned regularly. Otherwise, they run the risk of being suspended for unsanitary practices. Owners of this type of business usually hire mobile car care companies. If there are several amusement centers in your area or even beyond, consider advertising in entertainment magazines, travel and lifestyle glossies, etc.

5. Racetrack Companies

Racetrack companies are huge – and they have lots of vehicles gathered in one place at the same time. But how will you reach out to these huge companies? You can advertise your services on Racetrack magazines, racing glossies, car magazines, etc. Also, during And of course, you can leverage the power of social media.

6. Boat Owners

A boat is a huge investment, so their owners want to take care of them as best as they could. But bringing them to a spic-and-span cleanliness can be a nightmare, with algae, mold, and other contaminants proving difficult to remove. This is why boat owners typically hire boat detailing experts to do the job. How can you connect with them? Advertise on boat magazines, lifestyle and travel glossies. Consider maintaining an active online presence too.

These are just some niche target markets that you can look into. So why not explore these opportunities? Oh, it’s difficult to reach out to these niches, so why should I bother, you say?

just imagine – if other mobile car care owners follow that same line of thinking, then chances are, they won’t reach out too. Taking that big bold leap might just give you a lot of customers with less competition, don’t you think?

Here’s another tip. Since these businesses are typically owned by high-level executives or CEOs, consider maximizing your LinkedIn profile. It’s the social media platform that most of these target niches thrive.

Would you like to get more tips on mobile car care or similar topics? Visit the DetailXPerts Franchise blog. We have informative articles on how to start a car wash, car wash management, operations, recruitment and more.

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