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Meguiar’s Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit – Which Clay Bar Is Best?

Meguiar’s Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit – Which Clay Bar Is Best?

Meguiar’s Smooth Surface™ Clay Kit – Which Clay Bar Is Best?

There are many advantages to using a clay bar on your vehicle. This is why most people will include one in their own car wash kit. Before jumping in and buying your own clay kit, one very important question needs to be asked: Which clay bar is best?

How to Determine Which Clay Bar is Best

The best clay bar kit should be affordable, easy to use, and provide a quality finish.  Although Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Kit is a bit expensive, it is a fantastic product suitable for any novice or professional car enthusiast or detailer. The kit includes two clay bars, a microfiber towel and Meguiar’s Quik Detailer. The kit is entirely comprehensive, making it an ideal all in one package.  The finished product speaks for itself, making it well worth the little bit of extra money you will spend. This is why we included it in our list of the best car cleaning products of the year!

Using clay on your vehicle is great for removing paint overspray, dust, debris and white spots. Clay will ensure that your car has an even surface that is easier to manage when waxing or polishing. Unlike other detailing products, clay removes debris in its entirety allowing your car to shine its brightest.

How to use a Clay Bar

  1. You want to start off by washing your car before you use a clay bar
  2. Next, you will require a clay lubricant (included in the Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Kit). This helps the clay bar to remove all the unwanted debris from your vehicle
  3. Spray the lubricant onto the surface of your car in small sections and gently rub the clay bar onto the area until it glides freely
  4. Continue this process over the entire vehicle, ensuring that the clay glides freely every time
  5. Wipe the cleaned area with the microfiber towel included in the kit
  6. Once everything has been clayed, you are ready for your wax or sealant!

Although using a clay bar kit is more time consuming than your generalize wash and wax, the difference in the quality of the finished product is beyond compare. A single clay bar can remove debris from all surfaces, including the fiberglass, metal, and plastic parts. Clay contributes to the longevity of your vehicle, extending the high-end glossy finish of your vehicle by keeping it free from contaminants that may harm the various surfaces of your car. Clay bars will not remove paint or clear-coat. This means that you can use clay as often as necessary to keep your vehicle contaminant free and smooth!

If someone you know is absolutely thrilled by the thought of a contaminant free vehicle that shines bright, consider the gift of a Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Kit for their next special occasion!  It is a fantastic all-in-one product perfect for any automotive enthusiast!  Of course, sometimes we lack the time, energy or patience necessary to thoroughly detail our vehicles. If this sounds more like you or someone you know, book an appointment for a professional steam cleaning and car waxing with us!

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