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5 Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

5 Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

5 Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

Is your brother, father or husband a self-styled car enthusiast? Are you still looking for something to give him this Father’s Day because you haven’t found the perfect gift yet? Worry no more, because now you can simply choose from our five awesome gift ideas for car enthusiasts. These suggestions will guarantee that the auto-obsessed member of your family will be truly happy when he opens his gifts.

The most important thing with buying something for a car enthusiast is finding out what he has not bought for himself yet. You can look through the tool cabinets in the garage to check if there are particular brands or products that he is partial to. Does he prefer spray wax or paste wax? Is his car vacuum cleaner broken? Knowing these things will help you get started in picking out the best gift for them this Father’s Day.

Ideal Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

Here are some things that your car enthusiast relative will surely love:

Wash Cloths

Your car enthusiast husband might not admit it, but he has long been wondering whether to replace his current crop of waffle weave microfiber wash cloths with chamois ones. It would help him find out if it would make any difference in his detailing routine. The problem is that he still has loads of microfiber wash cloths to use up before he can try a different type of fabric. Take the initiative and give him a sampler bag of various cloths of different types and in different sizes and colors. Eventually, he might meet his new favorite cleaning cloth.

A Heavy-Duty Wheel Cleaning Kit

The tires and wheels are probably the most overlooked and least cleaned part of the vehicle. The truth is that they are also probably the dirtiest. They come in direct contact with road dirt and are even bombarded with brake dust. Remind your car enthusiast to clean his tires by giving him a tire and wheel cleaning kit.

Detailing Clay Bundle

Our list of gift ideas for car enthusiasts cannot go without a clay bar. A car clay bar lasts a long, long time. But aside from the obvious advantage of extended use, a clay bar will also ensure that your car turns into a perfectly clean and smooth canvas after every detailing job. This means that your car enthusiast can see better results from his waxing and polishing efforts.

A Bottle of Quick Detail Spray

Waterless car washing is in vogue for two things: it saves both time and resources. With a few well-aimed squirts and purposeful wiping, your vehicle will look as good as new. Your auto enthusiast family member will no longer have to spend a good thirty to forty minutes in the morning trying to clean his car first before setting off for the office. This is a good  gift idea for car enthusiasts.

A Full Presidential Package

Go all the way with your gift ideas for car enthusiasts by making his wish come true. Your brother, father or husband may have been saving up for a Presidential Detailing service for months now, but you can surprise him with a prepaid package this Father’s Day.

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