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Is Your Local Car Wash the Best Place to Get Your Car Detailed?

Is Your Local Car Wash the Best Place to Get Your Car Detailed

Is Your Local Car Wash the Best Place to Get Your Car Detailed?

The International Carwash Association (ICA) consumer survey reports that 82% of respondents rate “importance of conveniently located” as a reason why they choose a full-service wash; only beat out by “Importance of quality of the wash” at 97%. Most car owners would agree that both convenience and quality service are important factors when selecting a car wash. Is your local car wash the best place to get your car detailed?

Your car is a reflection of your personality, a source of pride and it could also be a reminder of an achievement. Taking care of this prized possession is a delicate thing. It needs excellent care at the hands of the right person. This excellent care should not only be reflected in the car’s performance, but also the appearance. This is where professional car detailing comes in.

Local Car Wash: Things to Consider

Does Your Local Car Wash Have the Skills to Do Professional Car Detailing?

The local car wash ticks the “convenience” box and perhaps the “affordability” box. However, a professional car detailing service will offer interior and exterior detailing specific to your car. When selecting the equipment, materials and the method, it is vital that they are just right for your car’s requirements. Professional car detailing differs from do-it-yourself basic car care because it will take care of even the smallest nook and crevice in your car, sometimes even taking apart the interior to do a thorough job. But careless and unprofessional detailing can result in damage that will not only cost you extra and waste your time, but also diminish the quality and value of your car. That is why choosing the right service center is extremely important to cater to your specific needs.

Is Your Local Car Wash Using Hazardous Chemicals on Your Car?

The local car wash might seem like a good pick  because of good reviews from previous customers. However, what do you really know about the car detailing process? Your local car wash might be using chemicals that are hazardous to your health and the environment. The use of coarse chemicals can scratch the surface of the car and damage the paint – these are simple details with adverse effects that you could miss. So does your local auto detail shop have in store what is necessary for your unique needs? Does it, for example, accommodate your desire to steam clean your car?

Steam Cleaning is an Option for a Safe, Green clean

Steam cleaning is a relatively new green technology that is gaining rapid popularity as an option for car detailing. It will not only leave your “baby” looking brand new, but you will also be helping to save and conserve the natural environment and its precious resource, water. Steam cleaning does not use harsh chemicals like the traditional car cleaning method, and uses only two gallons of water per 15 cars. It is definitely moving in the right direction to conserve water!

Mobile Car Detailing Offers Convenience Too!

A professional car detailing service should be worth your time and money. It should show care for you, your car, and your surroundings.  Mobile car detailing is an option for hassle-free auto detailing. Moreover, the detailer comes to you! So if you wish to, you can witness the detailing process that usually takes place behind closed doors – the best chance to keep an eye out for your “baby”. Be sure to select a mobile detailing service that offers water saving methods, in addition to being time conserving and hassle-free.

Chances are your local car wash does not offer these services, or you simply did not know what to ask for.

If you feel the need to change your current service, look for a service that’s convenient, offers high quality professional detailing and possibly steam cleaning and mobile detailing as well. DetailXPerts ticks all the right boxes. Find a convenient location of an auto detail shop nearest to you.

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