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Labor Day History – What Are We Celebrating?

Labor Day History Special

Labor Day History – What Are We Celebrating?

Labor Day happens to be one of the most popular small holidays, with businesses closing their doors for this special occasion. Everyone enjoys the long weekend that the first Monday in September brings. However, most people don’t know the main reason we celebrate this holiday in the United States. If you look up any labor day history, it will mention the celebration of the American labor movement.

Labor Day History – American Labor Movement

The American Labor Movement encouraged organized labor and U.S. labor laws. It also introduced unions into the labor system to help create a fair environment for employees. Businesses were expected to look out for the interest of all parties involved. Thus, workers were treated with a higher level of respect.

When Did It Begin?

Looking back on Labor Day history, we need to point out that the idea began in the late 19th century. The Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor organized a parade to take place in New York City. However, Oregon was the first state to make it an official public holiday in 1887. This was how the official Labor Day history started. In 1894, Labor Day became a federal holiday and thirty states were already celebrating.

Why Should You Celebrate?

Without labor, our country wouldn’t be progressing at such a high rate. The dedication and hard work of workers lead to the constant improvements and technological advances we discover every day. Labor Day is a way for us to celebrate our achievements that help develop our country on a daily basis.

Labor in the Automotive Industry

One of the most prominent industries in the United States is the automotive world. The introduction of the gasoline engine in the 1860s helped solidify the technology into mass production. Primarily, this began in Germany and France but quickly extended to the United States and Britain. With the workforce in full swing, this granted several opportunities for manual labor to be incorporated through the production line.

Thus, a mass amount of workers became employees of automotive companies. Jobs with manual labor are one of the most protected environments due to the strenuous effect it can have physically. Labor Day celebrates this type of industry in particular because automobiles continue to advance technology and improve the economy.

Aftermarket Businesses

As the large industries grew, smaller companies began to open as well. The workforce grew, thus making the labor unions more important. Aftermarket businesses became more popular, adding more business to the automotive and other industries.

Overall, Labor Day celebrates every type of business you can think of. Workers are the backbone of the country, and without them, we wouldn’t continue to advance at a high rate.

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