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HIRING Germ Stoppers!

HIRING Germ Stoppers!

Sore throat, excessive sweating, fever – these are typical feelings of someone with the flu.  Influenza, the scientific name for flu, is a contagious respiratory illness.  This illness is most deadly for people 20-40 years of age.  Hippocrates documented a similar illness of the flu in 412 B.C.  Within the past three centuries we have encountered three influenza pandemics.  The first influenza pandemic occurred in the Fall of 1918 – where it is estimated that 675,000 Americans died.  Although the flu is a contagious virus there are ways to avoid coming in contact with the virus. Let’s find out what are the germ stoppers that we suggest in terms of vehicle cleaning.

Watch Out For the Symptoms!

No matter where you go you’ll probably see someone coughing, sneezing and wiping their nose. This spreads germs.  Flu particles can linger in the air and on the surfaces we touch – from the remote control and laptop keyboard to the kitchen sink or refrigerator door handle all the way to your car…

So What are the Germ Stoppers within Your Own Vehicle?

The best from all germ stoppers – sanitize-sanitize-sanitize! The air conditioner helps to decrease the number of flu virus particles in the air and on surfaces like your steering wheel. Sanitize everything from your steering wheel, radio dial, cell phone, and door handles.  Get specialty detailing services to make the job easier. Lastly educate your children about the importance of washing their hands.

Flu is a serious contagious disease that can lead to hospitalization and even death.  Perhaps no flu season in recent memory has been more hyped and disturbing than last year’s, when the swine flu infected millions.  Anyone can get the flu, which is why it is important to take necessary steps to prevent the virus.  In more humid environments, the flu virus survival time has markedly decreased.

For this (and many more) reasons, we at DetailXPerts recommend you have your car steam cleaned to help stop the spread of germs.


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