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DetailXPerts is the world’s first eco-friendly steam car detailer franchise. Our unique patent-pending technology saves tons of water. Thousands of satisfied customers around the country and beyond its borders recognize its uniqueness, brilliant results and environmental friendliness.

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World Nature Day: DetailXPerts’ Commitment towards Sustaining a Green Planet

World Nature Day DetailXPerts Commitment towards Sustaining a Green Planet

World Nature Day: DetailXPerts’ Commitment towards Sustaining a Green Planet

“DetailXPerts is dedicated to conducting the auto detailing business with integrity while caring for communities and respecting the environment. We are a certified Green Member and our sustainability initiatives are guided by Green Profit Solutions, Inc.” – DetailXPerts Mission Statement

DetailXPerts introduced its patent pending steam cleaning process, which changed the face of auto detailing. Moreover this was drawing a lot of concern from communities for the harm it was causing the environment. Despite these concerns auto detailing grew in popularity, for, it was becoming a need. Even though eco-friendly detailing products were around for a long time, there was no eco-friendly vehicle detailing process. DetailXPerts, thus, showed vehicle owners that green auto detailing is a definite possibility. For World Nature Day on October 3rd 2015, we will be recapitulating DetailXPerts’ mission towards sustaining a green planet.

Pursuing a Green Planet with Steam Cleaning

Individuals have used steam to dry clean clothes and to clean carpets and couches but they did not test this cleaning process on vehicles. DetailXPerts was founded on the premise that it will work on vehicles, too. Not only did it work, but it also proved to be the ideal auto detailing process, twice as effective as using water. In addition to being effective, the benefits of using steam for the environment are numerous. It eliminates all the hazards of traditional auto detailing processes:

  1. Steam is water – Steam is water in the gaseous state. Directing a jet of high heat steam towards a stain can break down its molecules more easily than cold water. Steam in itself is strong enough to remove dirt, grime and stubborn stains. Therefore it eliminates the need to use heavy chemically laden car wash solutions. When we need detailing products for the cleaning, we only use eco-friendly products.
  2. No toxic waste water – Steam does not produce waste water. Hence, there is no chance of toxic waste water contaminating storm drains and waterways and affecting aquatic plants and life.
  3. It conserves water – Steam cleaning a car takes only 2 gallons while traditional auto detailing takes 40 gallons! If you are washing your car at home, it can take up to 80 gallons! While an auto detailing business has to have a water reclamation system. Car washing at home means there is no chance of recycling water and more chance of toxic waste water contaminating waterways.

If you are looking for ways to contribute towards sustaining a green planet, then you should choose steam cleaning for auto detailing. Althouth it may be costlier than other detailing processes, the benefits for the environment are greater. As the first US steam cleaning auto detailing franchise, we are trying to offer our services and spread awareness about green auto detailing to all corners of the country.

A Green Planet with Green Rewards

We aim our Green Rewards Program towards recognizing the contribution our customers make towards sustaining a green planet by choosing DetailXPerts auto detailing services. To be a member of the Green Rewards Program means exclusive benefits and perks for you. Not only at DetailXPerts but also at Green Rewards Program participating auto detail shops. Special discounts, VIP events, gifts and front-of-the-line opportunities are only some of the benefits of being a loyal customer. For more information about our program, see here.

DetailXPerts’s Eco-friendly Administration

In addition to our steam cleaning process and Green Rewards Program, we also adopt eco-friendly living to our administration. We will use stationary, towels and bathroom tissue made of recycled paper, motion sensors to turn of idle lighting, fluorescent and LED lighting. In addition we will use online communication methods to reduce the use of paper, etc. Thus, DetailXPerts aim to live up to its name of being a green auto detailing service in its entirety.

For the upcoming World Nature Day, DetailXPerts has committed itself to show appreciation to those who adopt a lifestyle to sustain a green planet. We are offering 10% off mobile and onsite truck detailing with the code JNAT2015. Detailing a semi with steam will only take about 4 gallons of water while traditionally it will take about 70-80 gallons! Hence, for World Nature Day, we are encouraging giving back to nature that sustains you.

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