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How to Wash Your Car’s Windows?

How to Wash Your Car’s Windows?

How to Wash Your Car’s Windows?

Clean and shiny windows complete the showroom-look of any car. However, some people do not care for their windows properly. So how do you wash your car’s windows to bring out their shine and beauty?

Hazy and dirty windows are not only unsightly. They can also compromise your safety, especially when you have to drive your car on a rainy night or in heavy traffic.

Amongst all the car detailing tasks, to wash your car’s windows can be one of the most tedious, but doing it properly can give your car the brand new look.

Cleaning Products to Help You Wash Your Car’s Windows

Some people use plain water as their glass cleaner. But it is not enough for taking away stubborn stains such as bug remains. If you prefer water, you can make use of a glass-cleaning microfiber towel such as the Cobra Waffle Weave Microfiber Glass Towel. It offers a mild scrubbing action and eliminates any chances of contamination.

You should also refrain from using household glass cleaners when you wash your car’s windows. They are not designed for this purpose. Not to mention that almost all of them contain ammonia. The ammonia in these cleaners may cut through grease, but can adversely react with car parts that are made of rubber, leather, vinyl and plastic. Also, you should never use them on tinted glass windows.

Some of the best glass cleaners you can use for tinted glass are the Stoner Invisible Glass, Detailer’s Pro Series Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner, and Meguiar’s NXT Generation Glass Cleaner.

When using these products on tinted glass, apply them only on the inside where the tint is visible. This will help seal the tint material (Mylar) and will also keep it clean. The tint-safe glass cleaners to wash your car’s windows with are non-static, non-streaking and dry faster without leaving any residue behind.

Useful Tips When Cleaning Your Car’s Windows

  • Wash your car’s windows last in order to avoid contamination.
  • Do not work under the sun as it may cause the glass cleaner to evaporate fast. This might leave residue behind.
  • Spend extra time cleaning the windshield as your driving depends on its cleanliness.
  • Roll down your windows halfway so it will be easier to clean the top edges of the window.
  • You can make use of a combination of glass cleaners for cleaning the car windows.

Detailing your car windows will not take more than a few minutes and it will definitely look good next to your spotlessly clean and waxed car. If you feel cleaning the car windows is a less strenuous task, then you can use the help of professional detailers near you.

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