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How to Properly Clean a Windshield

How to Properly Clean a Windshield

How to Properly Clean a Windshield

If you want to add real sparkle to your vehicle’s appearance, then having a clean windshield is the way to go. Besides enhancing the aesthetics, a clean windshield is also mandatory to prevent accidents because it will give you better visibility. Detergents and water won’t do if you wish to achieve that sparkling effect, so we will give  you a few tips on how to clean a windshield the right way.

Tips to Properly Clean a Windshield

1. Select Proper Glass Cleaning Supplies

Glass Cleaner

This is the most important supply you will be using, so choose the correct product. Household glass cleaners contain ammonia which works as a great degreaser but ammonia has negative effects on vehicle windows. Hence, pick an ammonia-free product that has been specifically designed for the auto detailing industry.

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels are the best cloth type for cleaning glass. The waffle weave microfiber towel especially works great when it comes to removing contaminants.

Clay Bar

A clay bar is a must have vehicle cleaning supply due to its ability to lift off impurities from surfaces like glass and paint. It will prepare the glass for polishing.

Glass Polish

Polishing the windshield is the final step in removing all the contaminants from the surface. Use a polish made for glass and dual action polisher to get the job done. Don’t apply a lot of pressure as you are working with glass.

Windshield Coating

The final touch is a hydrophobic glass coating. This will bead water, so contaminated water such as rain water can be easily pushed off the glass by the wipers. This protective layer will also help you to easily clean other contaminants such as dust as well.

2. Clean the Wipers

Cleaning your windshield wipers is an important step, because they can easily recontaminate the windshield and waste all the hard work.

3. Clean a Windshield Glass from the Inside

The inside should be as clean as the outside, but it does not involve much work. Squirt some glass cleaner on to a microfiber towel and give the glass a thorough wipe.

4. Leave Windshield Cleaning Last

If you are giving your vehicle a complete detailing experience, windshield cleaning should be the final step. This is to prevent re-contamination.

5. Work in a Shady Area

If you clean a windshield under the harsh rays of the sun, it will quickly dry the cleaning product and leave residue on the glass.

Clean a Windshield with Steam

Steam cleaning is the most effective way to clean a windshield without leaving streaks behind. It will also easily dissolve any dirt and grime on the glass and remove water spots. If you are apprehensive about using any chemicals, then this is the windshield cleaning method for you.

A clean windshield is really important when the weather is bad, because the contaminants will catch the water obstructing your vision. It will also give your windshield wipers longevity, as they don’t have to work extra hard to get the dirt off the glass. Following the steps mentioned above may be time consuming, but the final result will be a sparkling clean windshield. If you don’t have time for DIY cleaning, there are professional detailing services to help you out.

Do you wish to add a sparkle to not only the windshield, but to your entire vehicle? Then schedule an appointment with us to experience auto detailing services using steam cleaning.

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