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How to Use Rain X Windshield Repair Kit

Rain X Windshield Repair Kit

How to Use Rain X Windshield Repair Kit

The Rain X Windshield Kit for repair is a very convenient tool for do it yourself repair projects. We discussed just how useful the product was, and  the great reviews it has been receiving in last week’s blog. Now let’s look at the steps involved in actually using the product to repair your windshield and car window cracks.

Identify the Type of Windshield Damage You Have

There are two different sets of specific instructions that should be followed when using the kit. The categories of damages that the Rain X Windshield Repair Kit identifies are: cracks, chips, bulls-eyes and stars. The instruction sheet that comes with the product describes these damages, so pay close attention so that you can choose the right directions to achieve the best results. Before applying the product to the windshield in each case, ensure that the surface is dry and clean. Here are the appropriate steps to follow depending on the type of damage that needs to be repaired:

How to Use Rain X Windshield Kit for Repairing Cracks

Step 1

It’s always very important that you read the directions that come with the product before doing anything. That way you avoid making a mistake and also get clarity on how each tool in the kit should be used.

Step 2

Remove the resin solution from the kit and carefully prepare it for use. Ensure that the hole for dispersion is open and properly positioned to avoid unnecessary spills. Carefully and slowly spread the resin directly on the crack that needs to be repaired. Evenly apply the solution from one end of the crack to the other, taking the time to make sure that the portion of the crack with the solution disappears before you move on to the rest of the crack. You might need to pause in between application to take a look the the resin on the crack from a forty five degree angle. This will give you a better view of the work in progress, as you will see the shaded areas being filled with the resin. Allow the solution to dry for five to ten minutes.

Step 3

Take another look at the windshield from a forty five degree angle. If you notice air pockets along the crack that the resin was applied to, sparingly apply a small amount of pressure from the inside of the windshield to release the air. If portions of the crack are still visible after this, apply a bit more of the resin solution to the visible parts of the crack. Apply pressure once again from the inside of the windshield if this is required.

Step 4

After you have ensured that all the air has been removed from the crack, apply the resin solution once more over the entire length of the crack. Take the curing strips from the kit, and place them along the crack as you reapply the resin. Use as many curing strips as you need. Also, be careful that you do not leave any air bubbles in the curing strips as you are doing this.

Step 5

Place the windshield into direct sunlight and give it five to ten minutes to fully absorb and complete the process. If there is no sun, you can also use an ultra violet light. Wait until the resin is dry and then remove the strips. Use the razor blade provided to scrape off the hardened resin. Once done, step back and admire the great results.

How to Use Rain X Windshield Repair Kit for Repairing Bull’s-Eyes, Chips, and Stars

Step 1

Use the razor blade provided in the kit to remove stray glass pieces, and then place the applicator base on the desire site of the windshield. The ring of the applicator should be placed directly over the damage, and the suction cups should be firmly fixed to the windshield. These suction cups should not be placed on the cracks.

Step 2

The resin chamber should be screwed into the center ring of the applicator base. Ensure that the rubber mouth is located directly on top of the area that will be impacted. To get a clear view that this alignment has been properly done, take a look from the inside of the car. The resin chamber should be screwed in to gently touch the surface of the glass.

Step 3

Depending on the damage, apply three to six drops of the resin solution into the resin chamber that was previously affixed to the windshield. If you realize that there is any leakage, adjust the chamber in a clockwise manner to resolve this.

Step 4

In a clockwise manner, screw the pressure driver into the resin chamber and carefully follow the directions given. Unscrew the driver and then re-insert the pressure driver according to the instructions.

Step 5

Remove the application base after you have ensured that all the air has been removed. Be sure to wipe away any excess resin. Apply curing strips. After making final touches, move the vehicle into direct sunlight and wait until the process is complete.

DIY Rain X Windshield Repair Kit or Professional Detailing?

If you don’t have the time to fix the windshield damage yourself, or if you have a large damage that needs professional attention, be sure to schedule an appointment with a professional detailing service near you.

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