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How to Maintain Your Car Engine

How to Maintain Your Car Engine

How to Maintain Your Car Engine

If you are constantly having trouble with your car engine, then, it is time to think about how you have been taking care of it. The engine should not be treated as an “out of sight, out of mind” component that only needs to be checked on if it gives trouble. As the most essential component of your vehicle, you need to know how to maintain your car engine.

Do you pay attention to the “check engine”, “check oil level”, and “check oil pressure” lights on the dashboard? If these lights don’t turn off, it is a sure sign that your engine does not function properly. If your car is stalling and/or making strange noises, you should have the engine looked at by a professional immediately.  Do not ignore these warning signs because a malfunctioning engine can lead to serious consequences such as engine fires!

Tips on how to maintain your car engine

1. Change oil regularly – Engine Oil is necessary to keep the parts of the engine well lubricated and functioning smoothly. When you drive the car, the oil level drops. If you go on for too long without refilling the oil tank, there will be friction between the rotating parts of the engine, leading to their wear and corrosion. There will also be carbon build-up that will clog parts such as the throttle body. The engine will lose power if the throttle body malfunctions. Use the dipstick to do an oil check. If it is coated with a lot of black residue, then it is time for an oil change. Be sure to use a quality engine oil.

2. Prevent overheating – The cooling system of the engine protects it from overheating. Lack of the proper amount of coolant will cause overheating, hence like the oil level, it is important to keep an eye on the coolant level too. The cooling system is very susceptible to leaks, so regular checks are of utmost importance.

3. Clean the engine at least once a year – Over the course of time, a significant amount of oil, dirt, rust and other types of residue will accumulate on the engine. This build-up will prevent you from noticing issues such as oil and coolant leaks that can cause engine fires. There are different methods for engine cleaning such as steam cleaning, glass bead or soda blasting and hot tank cleaning which professional detailing services offer.

4. Replace parts when necessary – Engine parts such as spark plugs and timing belts have to be replaced after a particular time period. A copper spark plug has a lifespan of about 20,000 miles while a platinum plug can last up to 60,000 miles. Regularly check the belts for signs of damage. They can last up to 60,000 – 100,000 miles depending on how new the car model is.

A malfunctioning engine will leave you with three options: fixing the problems, replacing the engine or purchasing a new car. All these money-consuming options can be dispensed with if you follow the above tips on how to maintain your car engine. In addition to giving you a smooth ride, a properly maintained engine will also increase the resale value of your car.

Check out DetailXPerts’s specialty professional detailing services which includes engine steam cleaning.

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