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Full Service Car Wash and Its Impact on the Environment

Full Service Car Wash and Its Impact on the Environment

Full Service Car Wash and Its Impact on the Environment

You may not often think so, but getting a full service car wash can have various impacts on the environment if the facility does not take the proper steps. There are quite a few differing opinions on the topic of how eco-friendly a full service car wash can be, and we aim to outline some of the ways it can harm the environment and how to avoid them. We need to look at the bigger picture: Where does the water go, and what impact does the water have when it is discharged?

Impact on the Environment

To understand the direct impact a full service car wash or a home car wash has on the environment, it’s important to be aware of all the information. When you visit a car wash or wash your car yourself at home the wash water is commonly left untreated. When this is discharged into the storm drain system it can cause problems. Think about the bigger picture. Depending on your location, your car can be exposed to many different types of pollutants and chemicals which stick to your car. Things like sediment and heavy metals are often found on the surface of your car with metals like copper, cadmium, lead and zinc coming from your brake pads and tires. Therefore, when you go for a full service car wash or wash by hand, these heavy metals and sediments are washed away down into the storm drain system. The sediment from your car can cause cloudiness to the water which can be problematic to the aquatic life as it has a smothering effect on the fish. The heavy metals washed away from your car in the car wash can be poisonous to wildlife that drink from the storm drain system.

Another impact a full service car wash or hand car wash can have on the environment is water waste. 50 gallons of water or more is typically used to wash one car. Now think about how many cars are washed in a full service car wash in a typical day. That’s an awful lot of waste water being discharged into the storm drain system.

Nowadays, commercial car wash facilities are required by law to set up proper procedures to treat the water and reduce the amount of harmful chemicals mixed in with waste water before it’s discharged into the storm drain water system. Most commercial full service car wash facilities direct the waste water into the sanitary sewer to prevent any harm to the environment.

If you prefer washing your car at home, consider the environmental impacts listed above. Have you thought about going green? Think about buying eco-friendly car wash products, making your own car soap or disposing of water away from the storm drain.

Our Environmental Promise

At DetailXPerts we strive to protect the environment in all aspects of our business. If you want a full service car wash that is mindful of the environment we can steam clean your car and use only green alternative cleaners that are less harmful to the environment.

We recognize that we need to be more sustainable so we have an environmental commitment. Visit us to learn more about how you can support us in protecting the environment.

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