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5 Tips to Green Car Wash at Home

5 Tips to Green Car Wash at Home

5 Tips to Green Car Wash at Home

Keeping your automobile clean and brand new looking is a tough job. Your car is subjected to a myriad of forces that wear down its beauty and functionality every time you drive, even if it’s just to the corner grocery store in your neighborhood. Fortunately for car owners, there are now a number of affordable and eco-friendly options that help them keep their cars in tiptop shape. Today people are truly concerned about having a green car wash that not only cleans their vehicles, but protects the environment as well.

Green Car Wash Lifestyle

A green car wash is one that considers all the things that go into making your car sparkly clean, and choosing the most eco-friendly option available at every turn. Below are a few suggestions that should help you lead a proactive green lifestyle, right down to your car maintenance:

Waste no Water

If you must really wash your car on your own, make sure that you use water wisely. Go for a bucket and dipper approach instead of spraying your car with the garden hose on full. Unless you need a pressure washer, you don’t have to blast the car with so much water. It might be a better idea to just call in the professionals if you really need help.

Opt for Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning Products

Don’t purchase disposable wash mittens and cleaning cloths. Instead, choose sturdy ones that can be washed clean for repeated use. Furthermore, stay away from harsh cleaning chemicals that produce toxic runoff. Your car can do without them, and so can the environment and the aquatic animals.

Make Your Own Car Wash Soap

Crafting your own soap from tried-and-tested materials right in your own home is a great way to save on car wash costs. It also protects the environment against further chemical pollution.

Use Cloths for Drying

Take out the paper towels from your car wash kit. A soft cloth is best for drying your car’s exterior, plus you can always wash it and reuse it next time.

Wash Your Car Away From the Storm Drain

No matter how you cut it, washing your car will always produce dirty runoff. It’s best to bring your car out of the driveway or garage and clean it on your yard, where the runoff will not drain into your storm sewers.

Going green means really thinking about how each of us is affecting the environment, and doing whatever is in our power to reduce the negative impact we make on the planet. That includes cutting down on the number and variety of chemicals you use in cleaning your car, using less water for every wash, and driving with a little more care and consideration. Each action adds up a tiny bit of good to whatever other people in other parts of the world are doing to save the environment. Start practicing green car wash principles today.


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