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Engine Steam Cleaning: Why Should You Go Green?

Engine Steam Cleaning: Why Should You Go Green?

Engine Steam Cleaning: Why Should You Go Green?

If you are a car enthusiast looking for a way to incorporate organic living into auto detailing, then steam cleaning is the ideal choice for you. While steam cleaning the vehicle exterior, upholstery, air vents, etc. are in demand, engine steam cleaning, however, is not very popular among vehicle owners mainly due to misconceptions. The benefits of choosing an organic engine cleaning method are many, not only for you, but for your vehicle and the environment too.

Steam Cleaning: How Does it Benefit the Engine?

When you use steam as the cleaning method, it is not necessary to use other detergents or soap for a more thorough cleaning. The heat of steam alone has the ability to break down the most stubborn build-up on the engine. In methods like soda blasting, the engine is soaked in abrasive chemicals in order to break down the dirt on it. While it may achieve the desired results, there will always be some chemical residue left behind. This residue can be the cause of premature engine failure.

You might ask, “Wouldn’t the moisture of steam harm certain engine parts?” It would, but only if you do not follow the necessary steps to cover and protect all the electronic parts of the engine beforehand. As an extra precaution, you can also blow-dry the engine once the steam cleaning process is over. Another doubt you might have is, “Wouldn’t the heat damage the engine?” No, it won’t, as long as you set the steam cleaner at the right temperature and hold it at a proper angle and distance. Because of the delicate nature of the process, professionals are best suited for this job.

Engine Steam Cleaning: How Does It Benefit the Environment?

The benefits of engine steam cleaning for the environment are numerous: Steam cleaning uses less than half the amount of water used by other cleaning methods. Because there are no harmful chemicals involved, there won’t be any toxic waste water left. However, it is the responsibility of individuals to make sure that the oil and dirt removed from the engine are disposed of in a safe manner. Engine steam cleaning in your driveway is not a good idea for this reason because oil and gunk can pollute waterways. A professional service has the means to take care of this situation in an environmentally safe manner. To give nature the maximum benefit of steam cleaning, get the help of a professional auto detailing service.

How Does Engine Steam Cleaning Benefit You?

Auto detailing supplies that contain caustic chemicals can emit harmful vapors which might affect your respiratory and digestive systems. They can also cause many skin problems such as wounds, blisters, irritation, etc. Some of them can even contain carcinogens. Steam cleaning eliminates all these issues. However, it is important that you handle the heat cautiously to prevent burns.

Steam cleaning is an effective, safe and reliable technique, but only if it is done by a knowledgeable and professional hand. One of its striking features, as shown above, is being nature friendly. By choosing this method, not only will you be giving back to the environment; you and your vehicle will also be reaping its benefits.

To get your vehicle engine steam cleaned by a reliable professional auto detailing service, check out DetailXPerts’ convenient locations.

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