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Why Steam Cleaning Methods Are Not Much Used in the Car Wash Industry [VIDEO]

Why Steam Cleaning Methods Are Not Much Used in the Car Wash Industry [VIDEO]

Car owners and professional detailing specialists are constantly looking for ways to make cars look dazzlingly clean inside and out. Some of the most recent car cleaning technologies to hit the market are the steam cleaning methods. They differ from all the other traditional cleaning techniques in several aspects, listed below.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning Methods

Car Detailing by Steam: Dazzling Clean

  • They don’t use a lot of water – a pint can clean an entire car effortlessly.
  • No use of harsh chemical cleaning agents.
  • They don’t require fancy, bulky equipment.
  • Can be conducted in the comfort of your own driveway, just like your regular family car wash.
  • Good for both the interior and the exterior of the car.

Why People Still Don’t Use Steam Cleaning Methods for Their Vehicles?

Despite all the advantages, many people still have misgivings about trying it. It’s understandable that car owners want to make sure that their cars will not get damaged during the cleaning process. Steam cleaning methods are such a new technology that there are numerous doubts about their capacity to deliver efficient, high-quality results at the end of the day.

That said, even professional detailers are skeptical to try out this new method. They don’t want to invest in a machine that they will not use much. Only about a third of detailers today offer steam cleaning services, while the great majority still keep on using the traditional car wash methods that have been around for ages.

The biggest fear that both car owners and detailers have about using steam cleaning methods for vehicles is that it can’t do the job well or worse, it will cause damage to the vehicle. But this couldn’t be farther from the truth. After all, we have been using steam technology to clean fabrics, rugs and carpets for a long time now and have proven this method safe and effective.

Watch this video to learn the many benefits of steam cleaning vehicles:

Good for Both the Exterior and the Interior

Hand car wash steaming is also a great way to perk up your car’s looks because it blasts away stubborn dirt, mud and grime from the surface better than soapy water or chemical agents. The high-pressure steam doesn’t mess up the paintwork or scratch the surface and protects your car’s finish. Instead, it delivers high-quality clean that can last even longer than the conventional car wash clean.

Interior steam cleaning is also excellent as different nozzles can be used to pick up dirt and dust from hard-to-reach areas like air vents, foot well and the small spaces between your dashboard buttons. Dusting and wiping down your car’s interior regularly cannot get rid of allergens and germs that may have accumulated over time, but steam cleaning can.

Best of all, you get a beautiful, clean and shiny car without causing damage to the environment. Most old-fashioned cleaning technologies rely on water and chemical agents to clean your car. With steam cleaning, you only need a steam machine and a little water to do the job. That’s certainly more than enough reason for you to try steam cleaning technology the next time you bring your car in for professional automobile detailing.

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