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Eco Green Car Wash Business: Which Car Detailing Products Should You Avoid?

Eco Green Car Wash Business: Which Car Detailing Products Should You Avoid?

Wise water usage, efficient disposal of wastewater and use of organic detailing products should top the list of an eco green car wash business owner like you. But with multitudes of “organic” detailing products in the market today, which should you include in your inventory? Read on get to know more about harmful products that you should avoid.

Products that Should Not Be in Your Eco Green Car Wash Business

1. Health Hazards

There are various considerations why the content of the chemical products you use are very important. Your staff can be exposed to these chemicals and it is your responsibility to make sure they are equipped with proper training and proper safety protective equipment.

The risks for staff may be controlled and limited if they wear proper gear when using these products. On the other hand, constant skin contact of the car owner or through inhalation with the toxic substances may cause various health damages. Anything sprayed or applied on the car paint, or the car’s interior surfaces will surely expose the car owner and the family members’ to the risks that these products bring.

As an eco green car wash business owner, make it a habit to read the labels of products and supplies before buying them. Make sure the products do not have the following components in very large concentrations and amounts:


According to the book entitled, “Green This”, naphthalene is a suspected human carcinogen. It can cause various negative effects to human health like haemolytic anemia, damage to the cornea, cataracts, etc. It is most commonly found in various cleaning products like carpet cleaners, all purpose cleaners, etc. Moreover, it can also be found in many auto detailing products.


Arsenic has been linked to several types of cancer. mentions most especially skin cancer. It can be found in coal tar dyes of various cleaning materials.


Ammonia can occur naturally. However, exposure to compounds with high levels of ammonia can affect your personnel’s health. It can cause skin, eyes and throat irritations. Severe exposure can also lead to kidney and liver damage. Ammonia is a common ingredient in the auto care industry because it is most commonly found in glass cleaners.  In the same way, other ammonia substrates like Ammonium bifluoride can be found in wheel cleaners. These compounds can cause burns when applied without protective gloves as warned by American College of Medical Toxicology.


Benzene is a common carcinogen according to chiropractor and acupuncturist, Dr. Ben Kim.  Benzene causes lymphatic and blood borne cancers.  Schmidt and Clark Law firm says the highest industry with the consumption of benzene containing compounds include automotive body shops and car care facilities. The Living Green book says Benzene and related products are found in degreasers, interior paints and adhesive removers.

Perchloroethylene, Methylene Chloride  and other Chlorinated components

These substances can cause cancer most especially liver but can also include kidney and lung diseases as published by California Environmental Protection Agency. Most of the car wash soaps in the market contain chlorine related compounds.


Methanol is a toxic alcohol that can cause brain damage. This compound is normally found in windshield washer solutions.

Hydrofluoric Acid

According to a Center for Disease Control and Prevention Report in August 2015, Hydrofluoric acid acid can cause corrosive chemical burns. The same report mentioned there are already reports of death of truck wash personnel due to ingestion and occupational burns resulting to exposure to this toxic chemical. Most of the car truck cleaning products, rust removers and brighteners contain high amounts of hydrofluoric acid because as the Journal of Engineering Chemistry article published,  its cleaning and efficiency in the breakdown of dirt dust and other road debris has already been established.

2. Environmental hazards

Chemically laden detailing products have been proven to contribute to environmental degradation. Case in point: previous Detroit auto detailing shops. Responsible eco green car wash business owners can prevent further damages to the environment by avoiding the following:

Raw Petrochemicals  advises that these can harm our rivers and oceans.  claims petrochemicals and their derivatives are non biodegradable and can cause long term damage to our environment.


Phosphates have the ability to remove oil, dirt and grease. This is why they are most commonly found in cleaning agents like dishwashing and all purpose cleaners. However, phosphates can be harmful to the environment because as mentioned by, they can support the growth of algae in aquatic environments. In effect this can lead to an imbalance in marine ecosystems and affect the community’s water quality.

3. Hazardous to vehicles

Your eco green car wash should avoid products that are hazardous to cars

Your eco green car wash should avoid products that are hazardous to cars
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Your eco green car wash business should also be responsible for the safety and the overall appearance of a vehicle. So you should avoid:

Detergents or Dishwashing Liquids

Be very careful with the choice of detergents that you use. According to Guidetodetailing, these can cause damage to leather seats, other upholstery materials and the interior of the car. According to, the use of inappropriate cleaning agents can accelerate the oxidation process and can damage your car’s paint.

Acid cleaners and Petrochecmicals

These can harm wheels and cause premature cracking of tires and other parts of a vehicle.

Stick to Organic!

Your eco green car wash business will not be complete if you do not use eco friendly car care products.  There are various eco friendly products available in the market. You just need to do a thorough research. Some of the most effective car care products may turn out counterproductive in the long run because you may be putting your staff, properties and the community at risk. This is detrimental to your business’ growth and success.

DetailXPerts, the world’s first eco green truck and car wash business franchise that uses steam cleaning for washing vehicles, can share a lot of valuable information not only about car detailing products but also on the many areas of your car wash business. Be one of our many franchisees, now!

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