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The Legacy of Previous Detroit Auto Detailing Shops

Detroit Auto Detailing Shops

The Legacy of Previous Detroit Auto Detailing Shops

Southwest Detroit, Michigan, the home of DetailXPerts and hundreds of Detroit auto detailing shops.

A few decades ago, this place was booming with all sorts of industries, from small car washes to huge oil refineries to vehicle manufacturers, thus earning the moniker “Motor City”. Sadly, what was once a glorious and economically robust city has been relegated to Michigan’s most polluted zip code, area 48217. A place where residents have to endure a polluted environment, 24 hours a day. An area where children develop respiratory disorders at a very tender age.

All these, we can trace back to negligent, even abusive environmental practices of most industries, including previous Detroit auto detailing shops.

The Impact of Previous Detroit Auto Detailing Shops

The current environmental state of Detroit is the aftermath of poor waste management combined with an unwise use of natural resources by various industries in the area, both operational and non-operational. Among these are oil refineries, machinery production, steel plants, lumber mills, asphalt plants, copper smelters, and even previous Detroit auto detailing shops.

Water pollution in the Detroit Michigan area comes from household waste, but more so from industrial waste. According to the global study of the Water Quality of the Detroit River, “Water pollution is so concentrated in the Detroit area due to its location on a four county wide river basin. This means that any waste a person creates living within the portion of southeast Michigan is absorbed into the Rouge River and eventually feeds into the Detroit River.”

We have also heard about how full service car washes can harm the environment. Full service car washing can aggravate the water crisis because, every day, car wash operations in Detroit auto detailing shops use tons of this precious natural substance. The list of harmful effects goes on and on: disposal issues, contamination, and the various health hazards associated with these mentioned effects.

The Need for Eco Friendly Detroit Auto Detailing Shops

Although Detroit auto detailing shops are not the sole source of water pollution in the area, it is still a fact that the Detroit auto detailing business is a major player in this environmental issue. Therefore, major changes in processes of car washing and innovations in waste disposal can have a great effect to further stop damage to the ecosystem.

The need for eco friendly car washing options like the eco friendly auto spa can be a long-term solution that will benefit the city and the neighboring population. Even small households can take part in this civic responsibility. Residents can have their cars washed in green car washes and  tuned in reputable auto shops. Imagine if the 4 million or so vehicle owners in Detroit will do their part in taking part in a greener lifestyle. It will be an enormous step to combat pollution and save whatever’s left of the environment. In fact, according to Dolores Leonard, an active pollution fighter of Detroit zip code 48217, “Problem solving can be done in micro levels, and that will eventually amount to larger scale changes.”

Are you ready to learn more about how we can promote the green revolution? Are you ready to be a part of the Detroit eco green car wash? Subscribe to our blog and start your journey towards better car detailing options and be advocates of a cleaner, healthier environment. Now, that is a legacy worth leaving behind.

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