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Ten Microfiber Cloth Uses When Detailing Your Car

10 Microfiber Cloth Uses When Detailing Your Car

Ten Microfiber Cloth Uses When Detailing Your Car

When it comes to washing your car, one item stands out from the rest – a microfiber towel. Why microfiber? The material consists of polyester and polyamide, approximately 1/100th the diameter of a fine human hair. This allows you to reach those small areas for germ removal. The towels are reusable, while other types of materials would eventually have to be thrown out. The fabric doesn’t absorb liquid which means it won’t collect any bacteria, which makes microfiber cloth uses endless!

10 Microfiber Cloth Uses

All the Bubbles

The first step in washing your vehicle – soaping it up! Start at the roof and work your way down. Wipe each section using a microfiber cloth. Pre-soak the wheels with soap so the dirt rinses off easily.

To rinse off the car, wet the microfiber with clean water. Squeeze out excess liquid and wipe off the any remaining residue. Repeat the process until the car is complete.

Rev up the Engine

Microfiber towels perform the heavy duty tasks as well! Spray degreaser on the engine after wetting with water. In this instance, the cloth is used to wipe down the entire engine.

Rinse the towel in soapy water if you stumble on tough stains. Washing with the soap and then wiping off the solutions with a clean microfiber should remove grime.

Mats Matter

Most people don’t realize microfiber cloth uses extend to floor mats. The material is strong enough to handle the dirt accumulation on your floor. However, once you finish, set aside any towels that have debris and grime in them to ensure that you don’t scratch your paint.

New “Shoes” Shine

Wheels take the biggest beating from travel. Dirt, grime, and brake dust can build up on the tires from the road. For the exterior of your vehicle, wash the tires last with your microfiber. If not, abrasive materials will contaminate your water.

To finalize, apply tire dressing. For a glossy finish, let the solution soak in. Otherwise, spray it on and wipe it off after a few seconds for a matte look.

Get to the Guts

The interior can be a challenge, considering this is the space you sit in on a daily basis. This means the upholstery and inside can become soiled easily.

Apply an upholstery cleaner to remove any stains by lightly spraying the solution over the area. Massage the fabric to help bring dirt to the surface. Wipe away the debris and cleaner with a microfiber towel to finish cleaning.

The Small “Details”

Microfiber cloth uses help when working with vents in your car. The towels clean the cracks and crevices that might normally be difficult to reach. A microfiber collects the dust and it remains on the fabric until you wash it. This means it won’t fall onto your floors and seats!

Shine On

Once your car is washed, most people polish and wax the exterior paint. Paint glaze creates a vibrant color while reducing the appearance of swirl marks. With non-abrasive acrylic, glaze completes the finishing touches on your vehicle. A microfiber cloth handles this task with ease!

For the Long Run

Applying a protectant will lengthen the life of your car’s exterior. The solution is applied in long sections, avoiding circular patterns. Pay attention to small areas like door hinges and behind bumpers, which you WILL need to do in a circular motion with a microfiber cloth.

The Eyes Have It

For the windows, use a specific cleaner and microfiber towel for application. These are gentle on the surface and wipe away excess solution. Achieving a streak-free shine is important when driving in inclement weather to see clearly.


One of the microfiber cloth uses people forget – microfiber when vacuuming. The cloth will move any debris in the way of your vacuum cleaner. You can pick up rocks, leaves, crumbs, and anything else accumulated on your floorboards.

Want to leave the job for someone else? Consider DetailXPerts for your cleaning needs. Our professionals use microfiber cloths during their details. Our steam-cleaning technology will eliminate all the dirt and grime from your car, letting you start fresh for the spring season! Schedule an appointment today.

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