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5 Clever Hacks for Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping Your Car Clean

5 Clever Hacks for Keeping Your Car Clean

Common household items serve as great cleaning tools for your automobile. With these clever hacks, keeping your car clean during the warm months will be a breeze. Impress your friends and family by utilizing household tools to refresh the appearance of your car. In addition, this saves you money in the long run by using materials you already have at home.

Keeping Your Car Clean with Household Items

Hair Conditioner

Surprisingly, washing your car with hair conditioner will leave a shiny exterior behind. The ingredients in the solution contain lanolin that rejuvenates the paint. First, you need to use soap and water to remove any excess dirt or debris on the surface of the vehicle. Then, fill a bucket with two cups of water and mix it with ½ cup hair conditioner. Using a clean microfiber cloth, smooth it over the exterior. Once the entire car is covered, rinse away the solution with water to reveal a shiny finish.

Cooking Spray or Olive Oil

Olive oil is the perfect solution for removing dead bugs from your car bumpers and grille. As a preventive measure, you can also wipe the surface down with dryer sheets to keep them from sticking. It can also clean the dashboard. First, test a small spot before treating the entire area. If no discoloration appears, apply a small amount to the dashboard and rub it with a clean cloth. This results in a like-new appearance for your interior dashboard.

Similarly, cooking spray helps to eliminate dirt and brake dust from gathering on your tires. Spray the tires until they are saturated, which loosens the grime. Let it sit for a minute before using a brush to remove any excess debris. Finally, rinse the tire off with water and wipe dry with a cloth.


The best way to possess streak-free windows – cornstarch. Mix 1/2 cup cornstarch with 4 cups of water. Apply it with a spray bottle across the entire surface. Use a clean, microfiber cloth to clean the windows.

Keeping your car clean and smelling fresh can be difficult, especially in the interior. Cornstarch is a great way to eliminate any odors lingering in the seats. Sprinkle it on upholstery and let it sit for 30 minutes. Remove the powder by vacuuming the seats and floors.

Keeping Your Car Clean with Ammonia

When windshield wipers collect dirt, they smear across the glass. Ammonia can eliminate the grime accumulated on the blades. Make a solution of 1/4 cup household ammonia with 1-quart cold water. Gently lift the blades, and wipe both sides with a soft cloth or paper towel soaked in the solution. Then wipe the blades with a dry microfiber cloth before lowering them into place.

As an alternative, vodka can be used as a window washing solution. Mix 3 cups of vodka with 4 cups of water. Add 2 teaspoons of liquid dishwashing detergent. Stir the solution thoroughly and pour into the windshield reservoir. This helps clear away debris on the windows as well.

Essential Oils

Essential oils allow you to create your own car air freshener. Keeping your car clean takes work but preventing smells from developing is important as well. First, dampen a coffee filter with white vinegar. Pick your favorite essential oils such as peppermint, spearmint, cinnamon, or orange and sprinkle a few drops on the filter. Place this in your car over your sun visors.

Essential oils can also be used as a substitute for homemade air freshener. Mix ½ cup baking soda in a small jar, adding 8-12 drops of essential oil. Take some cardboard and cut it the size of the lid. Shake it up well to mix it and then pierce holes in the cardboard lid with a needle. This releases the fresh scent and can last weeks in your car. Also, the solution is easy to change out as needed.

Even with all the DIY things you can do for your car,  for a superior clean that lasts, consider DetailXPerts. Achieving a clean, fresh-smelling vehicle is simple with our highly-trained detail professionals. Our services are eco-friendly and mobile, specializing in steam cleaning methodology. Schedule an appointment today.

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