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What a Detail Shop’s Look Reveals About the Detailing Work Quality

What a Detail Shop’s Look Reveals about the Detailing Work Quality

What a Detail Shop’s Look Reveals About the Detailing Work Quality

With car washes and auto detail shops popping up in every corner, picking one to entrust your precious possession is becoming harder by the day. A good rule of thumb is to take reviews into consideration and then pay a visit to the detailing site yourself to do a little investigating. What is your first impression? Here are some things that a detail shop inadvertently reveals about itself.

Detail shop – Should you judge a book by its cover?

Assessing the work quality of an auto detailing shop base on its look may seem unfair, but more often than not, it is  an accurate indicator. Paying close attention to little details will save you both time and money.

State of the premises
Even if a detail shop is run by professional detailers, if their work premises are unclean, neglected and are in a dilapidated state, then can you expect them to take good care of your vehicle? The same goes for the quality of any other add-on premises they have, such as a cafe or a restaurant. Unclean tables and unswept floors are a big turn off for any customer. True professionals high value the quality and the appearance of their workplace and making a good first impression.

Are detail shop employees going about their work energetically? Did they greet you with a smile and assure you that your vehicle is in good hands? Disgruntled employees who treat you more like a nuisance than a valuable customer might indicate their dissatisfaction with the management or with the job itself. One cannot really expect quality work from an employee who does not take pleasure in what he/she is doing. Also, uniformed personnel indicate that a business has high professional standards. A professional service will also provide name tags for their employees indicating their position in the business, e.g. trainee auto detailer, customer service agent, manager, etc. When you see the uniform, you know immediately whom to talk about your detailing needs, without wasting time looking for or talking to the wrong person.

You can also tell a lot about a detail shop by the reactions of the customers. They might seem very happy about the shop’s work and compliment and thank the employees or look extremely dissatisfied and even get into an argument with the employees if the work is not up to the standard they expected and the money they paid. If you see more incidents similar to the latter scenario, it might be time to focus your energy on another service.

These are little indicators that no business can interfere with or alter quickly 10 minutes before you tell them that you are planning a visit to discuss your auto detailing needs. Better yet, drop by unannounced to get a sense of what is truly happening on the work premises. If your first impression about a business is far from satisfactory, stay away from it. Cheap pricing and convenience are not good enough reasons to entrust your vehicle to a substandard service.

Schedule an appointment with DetailXPerts to steam clean your vehicle. This is also a great opportunity to check out our detail shop and meet the professionals who’ll be handling your vehicle.



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