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Choosing a Business Location for Your Car Wash

Choose a Location for Your Car Wash

Choosing a Business Location for Your Car Wash

Nowadays, people have less time to wash their own cars. Many would rather pay someone else, with the right equipment and supplies, to do the job professionally. With the car wash industry blooming, having a car wash business proves to be a lucrative opportunity. However, convenience for customers is vital. If you are to open a car wash business, you need to know how to choose a location. It should meshes well with your potential customers’ lifestyles. Thus, you can ensure a steady flow of business and decent returns.

A Few Tips on How to Choose a Location for Your Car Wash

Know Your Customers

In terms of demographics, you have to know who your target market is. Learn where they are most likely to live, shop, or play in terms of their lifestyles. Choose a location that’s as close to them as possible. If they have to go out of their way from their normal routes to use your service, chances are they will look for another car wash location that is closer to them.

Constant Demand Volume

Even if you are where these people congregate, e.g. in shopping, commercial or recreational areas, eateries, residential areas and apartment blocks, are they in sufficient numbers? As with any successful business, it is not only the right customer but the production volumes must be constant and steady.

If you have not already done so, get an estimate of the business traffic needed to make your business profitable. Moreover, ensure the density of your target market in your chosen locale meets and better still, beats your estimates. The more popular the vicinity, the denser the numbers, the better the chances your marketing efforts in building strong and regular demands for your services.

Market Analysis Of The Competition

First, narrow down the ideal spots that have a good concentration of potential customers. Second, it is vital to do a market analysis of your competitors in the area. You will have a tough time vying for clients where there are already many long established car wash businesses. So, do look into their car wash locations, the services they offer, their rates and packages. Check out how long they have been in business, their business traffic, how accessible and attractive is their establishment. Finally, see what niches they are missing that you offer, etc.

At What Price

In meeting the above criteria on how to choose a location, a site that is easily accessible and visible to your prospective customers will come at premium costs. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure that you are aware of local state laws (e.g. drainage, expansion, recycling, water management, etc.). Check what licenses you will need to open such a business and that the above expenses are well within your budget.

As with any business, the groundwork has to be done and the devil is always in the details.

You have to do your homework right. To analyze accurately and then execute it accordingly, in order that your car wash business starts off in the best possible position or location in this case, to win customers and beat the competition.

See DetailXPerts territories – if you are considering becoming one of our franchisees.

For further tips on how to succeed in the car wash industry, check out the DetailXPerts franchise blog for more and helpful insights.

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